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Hunting Partners

Herman W. Brune introduces hunting friends mustered from more than 20 years of guiding in Montana and Wyoming wilderness areas, Texas and Mexico. Re-live an era and genre of hunting that much of society has dismissed as a fading past. Listen and immerse yourself in the thrill of horseback hunts and baying hounds, clambering to Rocky Mountain peaks, and ghosting through deep evergreen forests. Meet a new hunter each week. Embark with a diverse mixture of white-collar and blue-collar individuals on ventures across deserts, through oak forests, and over mountain passes. Learn the nature, science and art of stalking and bugling bull elk, glassing for Big Horn Sheep, keeping grizzlies out of camp, slipping up on mule deer and antelope, headlong chases after wild hogs, and outsmarting the wiliest predators.   Revel in the knowledge ascertained from calloused cowboys attesting that man may still pack mules and escape to wild lands. See the places that were only ever inhabited by Native Americans, where remnants of aboriginal existence are plainly witnessed, and where cell phone signals do not exist. The only intrusions of modern humanities are the airline vapor streams marring pristine skies.  Discuss wildlife management in an evolving world and the degradation of feral animal populations on indigenous game, agriculture, and infringements into suburban neighborhoods. Relate the balance of nature with the most urban settings, and hear testimonials from a complete social cross-section of outdoorsmen. Then grasp these simple life lessons and realities delivered from hunters akin to the audience viewers and from the genuine guide, host, cowboy, and writer – Herman W. Brune.

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