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Jason and Lotte are dedicated to educating others on the purpose of hunting, fishing and trapping.  They enjoy being outdoors for numerous reasons whether it is having a successful outing, being in a stand rather than behind a desk, putting food on the table or just enjoying a fun night at deer camp with family and friends. Their trips are not paid for through partners, but instead paid for by themselves, a middle-class husband and wife team that leads a regular life working regular jobs.  They are no different than anybody watching their show. They enjoy being outdoors as often as time allows and want to share their experiences with others.  It is their hope that their viewers can watch them out hunting deer, catching walleye or even catching a coyote in a trap and be able to take something away from what they have seen or heard on the show and put it to use in their outdoor lifestyle.
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Wednesdays at 5:00 AM