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Hunters have been putting on camouflage and enjoying the outdoors for a long time. The traditions and passion for the outdoors has ran in our veins for generations. Outdoorsmen have been doing it for years, it just has a name now. 8Up With It We are a group of blue collar guys who have a passion to tell a story thats relateable to viewers who are doing the same things as we are as well as educate the new, misinformed or haters of the privlege we have to hunt. We going to keep it real and have fun or we just aint going to do it. Join us as we go from work to the woods on a shoe string budget to produce a TV show where getting back to the basics is most important. God , Family, Friends and backstops. 

Air Timesest
Mondays at 7:00 AM

Joe Slye
Im Joe Slye owner of 8Up With It Outdoors TV. I am a full-time firemen who does not miss many sunrises without camo on or getting after something in the outdoors. I have been a hunter for over 20 years and filming my adventures has been a passion of mine since the beginning. I have been married for 13 years and have 2 wonderful kids. Family is extremely important to me as my wife and I raise a family and keep our beliefs and traditions close to our hearts. God is the center of our everything. Being politically correct is of no concern to me but pleasing God is. I strive to keep it real, have a blast and tell a story thats relateable. Its time we do our job correctly and pass on the love of the outdoors the right way. I pray my show does just that.