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Addictive FishingAddictive FishingSheepshead Fishing Tybee Island Georgia Catch Fillet Cook #fishing #catchcook #catchfilletcook
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Addictive FishingAddictive FishingTarpon Fishing Florida Everglades National Park #fishing #tarponfishing #evergladesnationalpark
Addictive FishingAddictive FishingNew @YouTube Episodes, Dick's Tampa this Weekend and @YETICoolers in this week's blog! @Lews_Fishing @DICKS
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Addictive FishingAddictive FishingKey West Fishing for Tarpon and Barracuda on the Flats - 4K: via @YouTube
Addictive FishingAddictive FishingAF LIVE - Season 19 Sneak Preview this Monday evening at 6pm ET on @youtube

AFlogoEach week the Mogan Man, Captain Blair Wiggins, takes viewers along for a wild adventure to some of the most interesting fishing destinations on the planet.  AF has often been called the MTV of fishing with it’s original music and hyper-caffeinated host.  Blair’s surfer dude good looks and skill with a lure have attracted a following whose enthusiasm is more common among rock star fans than fishing show viewers. From the marshes of Louisiana to offshore of Key West, Addictive Fishing will get your heart pumping for more rod bendin’ drag screamin’ action.

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Captain Blair Wiggins
Whether he is on the bow or the poling platform, Captain Blair Wiggins is more at home on a boat than on dry land. Blair spent 12 years as a professional fishing guide before becoming a tournament angler and host of his own TV show. His lifetime of fishing experience paid off big in 2006 when he won the $100,000 FLW Redfish Series Championship. The Mogan Man, as he is known by his fans, begins his 16th rod bendin’ drag screamin’ season of Addictive Fishing promoting his sponsors and his Mogan Series line of Flats Blue fishing products and passing along his addiction.