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It all began with a simple prayer. Ted and Amber both grew up with a passion for God and for hunting. Their love for both only grew over the years. Little did they know, God was working behind the scenes to really ignite their passion further. Ted and Amber met, and unlike many other couples, their second date was 20 feet up, bow hunting together. The rest is history! They got married not long after and had their little girl, Kylee. They spend every chance they get outdoors, scouting, shooting, hunting, and trying to pass on the outdoor traditions. They travel from West Virginia to Texas and back chasing their dream of living the outdoor lifestyle and sharing it with others. Ted and Amber are very passionate about life and want to share their passion for God, family, and the outdoors with everyone they come across. Their mission is to inspire and encourage people to really live their lives for the Lord, love their family, and to get out there and experience what the Good Lord has given us to enjoy! Almost Heaven Outdoors is all about having fun. They are by no means professional hunters and would never claim to be, but with Teddy’s sense of humor, Amber’s hunting skills, combined with lots of prayers this show is sure to capture the hearts of the audience and encourage others to always keep God first, get outdoors, and just have some fun! There may not be a trophy killed every hunt, but you can be sure there is a lot of fun to be had. 
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Sundays at 7:30 AM

Ted was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains in the small town of Parsons, WV. His dad inspired his love for hunting at the age of 9. His love for hunting and the outdoors grew as
the years went on. His desire now is to share his passion of hunting with others while also sharing his love for God. His weapon of choice is his Tribe Kinetic bow, but he won’t pass up the
opportunity to grab the shotgun, rifle, or muzzleloader.
Amber was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains in the small town of Huttonsville, WV. Raised in a family of hunters, she didn’t begin hunting until the age of 16. She started out
hunting with a rifle, but quickly got involved with bow hunting. Her passion for the outdoors quickly grew like wild fire and it consumed her everyday thoughts and dreams. Her weapon of
choice is her Tribe Archery Halo Extreme bow, but she is quick to reach for “Big Bertha” her trusty Remington Win Mag .300.