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American AirgunnerHey Airgunners, have any interest in airsoft? Scare stuff off maybe? Practice with Targetize that you saw on our sh…
American AirgunnerAt 4:30 Eastern today... looks like some airsoft guys are going to go live on the Elite Force Facebook page and ans…
American AirgunnerI tested some different broad heads on the .357 Air Bolt I got from Pyramyd Air Gun Mall. Full video in the future,…
American AirgunnerAir Heads beware, don’t try O2.
American AirgunnerCHECK THIS OUT! You can now go back and stream episodes of American Airgunner via CarbonTV! We'll be adding more r…
American AirgunnerLook what the Dog Soldier is up to. Not bad! Kinda like it. Don't worry Criner, we've gotten our hands on a Hammer…
American AirgunnerThis Junior rifle shooter has what it takes:
American AirgunnerA little birdie tells me you probably want to tune in over at the Umarex USA page. Appears something good is afoot.
American AirgunnerDo you ever wonder how we decide who gets to pull the trigger on an American Airgunner hunt? Rossi Morreale...
American AirgunnerAlthough proceeding with caution and still considering additional options, our YouTube channel is back up as are...

Our mission is to promote non-powder guns (airguns) as safe, recreational, hunting, and sport shooting products while informing and educating viewers about the safe uses of airguns and related products. American Airgunner is a production journey that includes airgun hunting, technical segments and challenges in which shooters use both skill and strategy to knock down and explode various targets with a multitude of airguns.
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Steve Criner Hunts
Steve Criner is no stranger to hunting. He is the 2010 World Champion Predator Caller, served as a pro staffer for Hunters Specialties® for a number of years, and is now the creator of Dog Soldier, a brand aimed at empowering predator hunters to pursue their passion. Criner is a hunting personality, best known for his success as a predator hunter, who has owned and used airguns since childhood for both recreation and hunting.
Rossi Morreale
Rossi Morreale was born and raised in Arkansas, where he attended the University of Arkansas and started as a wide receiver for the Razorbacks. He grew up hunting and fishing and although he resides in Los Angeles, still goes back to Arkansas to hunt with his dad. “I’m anxious to be a part of American Airgunner. I’ll be hosting a show about something I enjoy and grew up doing—shooting. And I expect to get to blow some stuff up!”