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Come along for the real, heart-pounding, thrill of the hunt with Apex Hunter TV (AHTV)! 

The Team at AHTV will share their passion and action-packed hunts in the way only

they can show you! From the game rich environment of the Midwest, to Alaska and the great northern regions of Canada, Host Steve Web and the AHTV Team will bring you along to experience hunts for the mighty Boar, magnificent Trophy Whitetail, majestic Elk and Moose, and the great Black and Brown Bear~ There is only one Team willing to share their Passion, Raw Emotion, and Intensity of the hunt …who will get your heart

literally racing and our name says it all…Apex Hunter TV.

Sundays at 1:30 AM
Sundays at 8:30 AM

Steve Web
Apex Hunter TV is inspired by the passion for hunting Steve has and his vision to share his wealth of knowledge from decades of Guiding to showcasing the total hunting experience to the everyday hunter. Steve’s background has been 30 years in the Health, Nutrition and Body Building industry. His dedication to Training others relays the value of his belief in excellent Health. The discipline of Body Building and his love of the Outdoors are attributes that will be conveyed through Steve’s no-nonsense approach to living a Healthy and Fit lifestyle as hunting Big Game can be physically challenging. Steve’s dedication to sharing his passion for hunting and the outdoors is what drives the pulse of Apex Hunter TV. Apex Hunter TV is the show for anyone who dreams about and has an interest in hunting BIG GAME!