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Babe WinkelmanThanks buddy! We're hoping to get new episodes on Netflix soon.
Babe Winkelman"Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything." G…
Babe WinkelmanKarlee has been really involved in recent filming. Expect more soon on #OutdoorSecrets!
Babe Winkelman"My dinner is still in the woods." 🌿 #hunting #angler
Babe WinkelmanI love this quote from B&W Trailer Hitches! Right on.
Babe WinkelmanWant to win a FREE turkey #hunting trip courtesy of Missouri Hunting and #Fishing Adventures? Enter --->…
Babe WinkelmanThanks buddy! We've been filming some really great stuff I can't wait for you to see.
Babe WinkelmanHead over to Facebook at 12:00pm EST and ask me your #hunting and #Fishing questions on Facebook Live!
Babe WinkelmanThanks for watching on #netflix!

If you spend 30+ years on television, you can’t fake enthusiasm. That’s why, through all these years, a natural bond has developed between Babe Winkelman and the people who watch him fish and hunt on TV. As the host of “Good Fishing”, Babe has succeeded in fulfilling his dream of being self-employed in the outdoors industry through a combination of hard work, good business instincts, and a gift for communicating his love of hunting and fishing.
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