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Babe WinkelmanSometime's I forget this......
Babe WinkelmanCan Cooker Walleye Shore Lunch
Babe WinkelmanSometime's I forget this......
Babe WinkelmanSpring Bear Hunting in Ontario Video
Babe WinkelmanIsn't that the truth!
Babe WinkelmanIncase you didn't know, now you know 😉

If you spend 30+ years on television, you can’t fake enthusiasm. That’s why, through all these years, a natural bond has developed between Babe Winkelman and the people who watch him fish and hunt on TV. As the host of “Good Fishing”, Babe has succeeded in fulfilling his dream of being self-employed in the outdoors industry through a combination of hard work, good business instincts, and a gift for communicating his love of hunting and fishing.
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