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Back 40 Predators is a one of a kind tv show of compared to the current shows seen on tv now days. You won’t see theatrical style film or special effects as our crew carries their own personal cameras into the woods with them to capture the experience. All of our staff hold down full time jobs outside of enjoying our passion in the woods. You won’t find us talking on our show for very long as we like to get to the point which is putting animals on the ground. If your looking for a show that produces 200” in deer then this isn’t the show for you as we don’t discriminate when it comes to filling freezers. We are the predators enjoying our god given right to hunt right in our very own back 40.

Air Timesest
Mondays at 7:30 AM
Wednesday at 9:00 AM

Rory Rought

Rory is the owner of Northern Michigan Outfitters which also owns Back 40 Predators tv. He’s spent his entire life hunting and fishing the woods and waters of Michigan and now all across the US and Canada as well. Rory started NMO about 12 years ago as a bear hunting outfit in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and the business has since evolved into many different variations in the outdoor industry. Rory is married to his wife Karla Rought of 15 years who also makes an appearance on the show every now and then. Karla is the co-owner along side Rory and keeps him in line.