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Backcountry Traditions LLC, a veteran owned business, was established in 2016 with founding members Jeremy Walker and Paul Wilson.  Since then, the team brought on new members from all across the United States; each with unique skills, knowledge, and passions. While individual passions might differ, the team is unified by the same drive.  Season 1: New Blood combines all facets of the outdoor industry from waterfowl hunting in the Wisconsin marshes, fly fishing the Niagara River, trekking the Colorado mountains for mountain lion, and other high quality action-packed outdoor adventures.  For any hunting or fishing trip, it is the people, the relationships, and the stories that get remembered. Every adventure has its unique story. Our mission is to uncover, capture, share those unique stories.  Each episode tells a unique, never before seen story that fortifies the undeniable bond between man and the outdoors.  

This season is produced by Emmy nominated producer Josh Stabenau and features Executive Producer Jeremy Walker, Field Producer Ryan “The Buddha” Baudhuin, Field Producer Paul Wilson, and videographers Tyler Breen, Kurtis Blosser, and Anthony Campanella.

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Mondays at 7:00 PM