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Faith, Family, Friends, and the Outdoors, is the lifestyle of everyone here at Bloodline. Without Faith the lives we live would be impossible (Matthew 19:26). Family, the people in our lives who believe with us, and love us unconditionally. Friends, the individuals in life that you create some of your best memories. The outdoors, where we experience the awesomeness of the Creator, where the true understanding of Faith, Family, and Friends is experienced. Welcome to The Bloodline!

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Kaleb Schankie
Kaleb Schankie is from a small farming and oiling community in Kansas, were “Faith, Family, Friends, and the Outdoors” is a real lifestyle. Kaleb and his wife own and manage KNS Outfitters and are the owners of Bloodline Outdoors. Kaleb has a passion for the Outdoors that is second to none and works hard to share that with his two children. From farming, to hunting, to fishing you be sure it’s in his Bloodline.
Alex Rutledge
Alex Rutledge from Southern Missouri founded Bloodline Outdoors on these core principles “Faith, Family, Friends and the Outdoors”. Alex has been a part of the Outdoors Industry for 30 years, he was the youngest member to enter the Outdoors Hall of Fame, and has won multiple Turkey Calling Championships. His love and passion for the Outdoors is truly evident as he loves to share his faith with others, and by introducing kids and first time hunters to the traditions and heritages of the sport of hunting.