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Duck or Geese - What's your favorite to hunt? https://t.co/VNDn5k87w3
I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/WbYThN1c5u
Having a blast filming in White Lake, South Dakota at White Lake Hunting Lodge with my long time friend and... https://t.co/rvRFXE2O2i
Can anyone guess where I am this week? Browning Chevy Trucks https://t.co/5mSDvKzYPR
Born to get the job done. How do you put your Silverado to work? http://t.co/6NJYnTgTPq
Announcing Browning Ammunition. Coming 2016. Share the news then Click Now to learn more: http://t.co/5PvDm8iuR8 http://t.co/FoNYPK4kt1
I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/8LqCeY8R4R
Canadian Trophy Pike on Reindeer Lake, Sasketchewan, Canada: Reindeer Lake features Lawrence… http://t.co/XICdUpJzAG
Tag a friend who would miss! http://t.co/rzBkVJ2XAl
Red Fishing With SCDNR Law Enforcement Officer of the Year: This week Bob will showcase the… http://t.co/vdUV3UmZCq

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Join outdoor legend Bob Redfern each week as he takes you hunting and fishing across the country! He’ll spotlight Chevy Destinations across the United States to seek out the best fresh and saltwater fishing, hunting, and shooting sports  around the country.  There is always something special in store for the entire family each week.  “Great Fun, Family, and Passion for the Outdoors” The show features features guides and outfitters on the front lines of the outdoor world along with featured segments on “How to succeed” at hunting and fishing. The weekly Chevrolet Destination features hunting and fishing destinations around the country for the outdoorsman who seeks the best places to enjoy the outdoors year round.
Monday 1:30 PM
Tuesday 11:30 PM
Thursday 3:30 PM
Saturday 8:30 AM

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Bob Redfern’s
Bob Redfern’s experience as an outdoor TV personality extends over 30 years. His lifelong devotion to promoting hunting, fishing, and conservation efforts, shine no matter where he travels. Bob retired in 1999 as a U.S. Army Infantry Lieutenant Colonel after 21 years of service to the country. He enjoys bringing the outdoors and the best it has to offer to the screen each week featuring real life hunting and fishing adventures with real life people.