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Hosted by Don “Worlds Biggest Bowhunter”Pollauf, this series is compiled of reality fair chase hunting that the everyday hunter can compare to.  With Bowhunting Addiction TV its not always about shooting an animal, its about telling the story of Don’s journey while hunting the 2013 season. With production being a very high priority, you will experience an action packed reality episode every week with their own production style in Outdoor Industry. The 2014 season represents the fifth season of Bowhunting Addiction TV on national television.

Don Pollauf
I have had a bow in my hand since young age of 4, thanks to my Dad. My dad is a very successful bowhunter who taught me a lot that I know today in Hunting and Archery. I have turned the passion of Bowhunting into an everyday job (really not a job,lol) with my show Bowhunting Addiction TV that currently airs on Pursuit channel 52 weeks a year.

I really enjoyed playing football with my experience getting me a position on a Semi Pro football team into my early 20’s. I am Pretty Big guy 6’5″ and 380 pounds, and played left tackle on offense most of my short football career. With Football and Hunting running at same time of year it was hard to choose what direction I was going to go in life. Of course I chose Hunting along with Outdoor Video Production. So I have gained the nickname “World’s Biggest Bowhunter” in my hunting career as the Host of BHA TV.

I grew up in great state of Michigan, in Algonac. I remember when I was younger my Dad would take my Brother and I up to Deckerville to hunt starting at a young age. I have been hooked since!! Hunting for me is the experience, its not always about shooting that 150″ monster buck. I just really enjoy being out in Gods country showing viewers the different experiences on my hunting journey.

I still reside in Michigan and have been married for 18 years to my wonderful wife Jaime. I have 3 Kids including Brittaney, Tyler and Makena which I have passed the tradition of Bowhunting to them! I am truly Blessed to be doing what I love and that’s Bowhunting!