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Brent ChapmanBrent ChapmanFun from the deerstand! This buck came by and I bleet called him back and that’s where video starts. Watch what ha… days ago
Brent ChapmanBrent ChapmanCan't wait to have KastKing rods and reels in the boat for 2019 Major League Fishing and Bass Pro Tour!!! These Sp… days ago
Brent ChapmanBrent ChapmanNew partnership with KastKing. days ago
Brent ChapmanBrent ChapmanBig announcement today! Stay tuned!!!!4 days ago
Brent ChapmanBrent ChapmanIt’s been a fun last few days in the stand but just haven’t found the type of buck I’m looking to wrap my tag aroun… days ago
Brent ChapmanBrent ChapmanBrent Chapmans Pro vs Joe Season 3 Episode 13 "Lazy Lake Shootout": via @YouTube1 week ago
Brent ChapmanBrent ChapmanI added a video to a @YouTube playlist Brent Chapmans Pro vs Joe Season 3 Episode 13 "Lazy Lake Shootout"1 week ago
Brent ChapmanBrent ChapmanBrent Chapmans Pro Vs Joe Season 3 Finale "Giants Lurk at Camelot Bell!": via @YouTube1 week ago
Brent ChapmanBrent ChapmanI added a video to a @YouTube playlist Brent Chapmans Pro Vs Joe Season 3 Finale "Giants Lurk at Camelot1 week ago
Brent ChapmanBrent ChapmanIn my defense... I did land that 'rather large bass' without a landing violation. 😉 Major League Fishing weeks ago
Brent ChapmanBrent ChapmanIt’s been crazy busy since the AOY Championship ended for me but can’t be more excited to finally be in a treestand… weeks ago
Brent ChapmanBrent ChapmanCouldn’t be more excited to see this become a reality! weeks ago
Brent ChapmanBrent ChapmanA great read from Brandon Card for those looking to one day fish professionally. weeks ago
Brent ChapmanBrent ChapmanNot much fishing would get done if I saw this during practice or during a tournament. Amazing what bucks put thems… weeks ago
Brent ChapmanBrent ChapmanThere is a whole lot to be excited for in 2019 and Triton just added another reason, the all-new 21 TrXS! weeks ago
Brent ChapmanBrent ChapmanCaption this. We’ll pick our favorite caption and the winner will win a @plano gift pack! Go. weeks ago
Brent ChapmanBrent Chapman***PLEASE WATCH and SHARE!!!*** If you are a treestand hunter or know someone that is, please watch and listen, th… weeks ago
Brent ChapmanBrent ChapmanChecking cameras and food plots on this beautiful Saturday. The stage is set, just need to find time to get in a t… month ago
Brent ChapmanBrent ChapmanThis was a great day. Definitely the highlight of my fishing career and one I’ll never forget. Little throwback Th… month ago
Brent ChapmanBrent ChapmanThere’s only one speed with a @tritonboats. I love the extra length of the 22 TrX! month ago

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to compete against a professional bass angler head-to-head?  Brent Chapman offers anglers around the country the chance to test their skills against him. Brent travels the country to compete against anglers on their home waters.  Weekend warriors, regional anglers, and anyone that likes to fish can challenge Brent to come to any body of water for a friendly competition.  The Pro with national experience VS the Joe with local expertise… This is a fun chance for anglers the challenge Brent at and spend the day on the water.  First fish, Most fish, and Big fish categories are at stake in this friendly competition.

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Wednesdays at 10:30 AM
Saturdays at 12:30 PM

Brent Chapman

Brent Chapman fishes at the highest level of bass fishing in the world including the Bassmaster Elite Series and Major League Fishing Cups. 

Brent is the 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series Angler of the Year, and has qualified for 13 Bassmaster Classics.    Brent Chapman has solidified himself as one of the greatest anglers in the history of professional bass fishing.  Although Brent loves competing at the highest level, Pro Vs Joe gives him the chance to fish one-on-one with anglers all over the USA!