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Utter those three words to a whitetail hunter and watch as they leave reality and go to the brush or woods in their minds. Their mind’s eye has placed them where the big bucks live and breathe. Their re-occurring dream has locked them onto a rutting mossback that has come hell-bent, charging and snorting to the rattling of the horns. They are there; watching, seeing and living what they have so often fantasized. They can feel the biting cold and can see the steam pumping from the flared nostrils. There’s that fury in the monster’s eyes. His neck is swollen to the point of bursting, and those horns; that rack is nothing short of magnificent! All that emotion set off by only three words; Brush Country Monsters.
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Fridays at 12:00 PM
Mondays at 2:30 PM
Sundays at 10:00 PM
Wednesdays at 2:30 PM

Seth Johnson
The producer for BCM, Seth Johnson, is the President of Outdoors Interactive, a media company specializing in branding for the outdoor, sporting, and touring industries as well as director of technology for High Adventure Company. However, his true passion is the outdoors.  Seth will be seen on several episodes of BCM as both hunter and producer.
Jackie Scoggins
The owner of the Novillos, Jackie Scoggins, is a true Texan to the core. He and his family own one of the largest cattle feed yards in the state of Texas and is the vision behind developing the Novillos into one of the country’s premier whitetail properties. While Jackie won’t appear on every show, he will make guest appearances to share his knowledge of the South Texas brush country and his secrets for growing trophy bucks in that environment.
John Burrell
Certified Wildlife Biologist and award winning outfitter, John Burrell will join us on each episodes to share his knowledge and experience as well as introduce unique sporting destinations across the world in The High Adventure Journal segment on each show. John was the winner of the prestigious Sporting Classics Award of Excellence and was featured weekly on ESPN’s Under Wild Skies. John has years of experience managing one of the nation’s top whitetail destinations.
Lamar Smith
Head guide Lamar Smith, aka “Super Guide” is a native of the south Texas brush country and will host each episode of BCM. While a large commercial farmer in the off-season, Lamar is a certified whitetail fanatic and lives for the December whitetail season.  If not guiding or running a camera, you can catch Lamar on several episodes where he demonstrates his rattling technique that has tricked trophy bucks for the last 25 years. You will be simply amazed at what he can bring to the horns!