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Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsWhat is your grouping at 700 yards? How well does your rifle shoot at long range? #custom days ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & Broadheads5 new unfollowers in the last week. Via days ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsI saw this strange thing from the past. I wonder how many kiddos have never actually seen a pay… week ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsStats for the week have arrived. 2 new followers and 8 unfollowers via weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsAdded a few light to this old Ford and set up for a time lapse. Not as good as @leftridgephotos weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsPassed on this guy last year to let him grow. Had him at 15 yards. Would you have taken the… weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsThat's Octopus in that pan!! Who's up for eating that? #nasty #octopus weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsMichael J took 4th place at the #pklake night tournament .He is slowly catching up to… weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsAlways new this gal was out of this world but this says it all. #outofthisworld # weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsHow about a massive 8 point #fallbackfridays Sonia harvested a few years ago #teamcabelas weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & Broadheads4 new followers in the last week and it is more than just stats, I use it for growing my account! Try it weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsWishing everyone a happy and safe 4th of July #freedom #celebrate #usa weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsA little R&R with the family #teamcabelas #itsinmynature weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsDid you know we have our own suppressor line? The GT 22s weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsMichael J doing a little shooting with his new birthday present @sigsauerinc p320 . #shooting weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsWith it being so hot ! Who is thinking about cooler weather and elk hunting? Hep us gain more… weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsWhen heading to new hunting areas this is always a welcome sign #itsinmynature #teamcabelas weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsYou know your in gods country when your Navigation has no roads listed or any other information… weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsYou know you made a long range shoot when you hear the report of the rifle seconds after you… weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsWho's been messing with Sasquatch? He told me Sonia pretty and that I am ugly! I said squach… weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & Broadheads2 weekly followers. 3 unfollowers. Crowdfire doesn't miss a trick - via weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsWhere ever your path takes you follow your dreams! #itsinmynature #teamcabelas month ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsWe all like to hunt hogs, but how do you hunt hogs? What are your tactics and what is your go… month ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsYou spent the time planting food plots, scouting and setting stands. Now its time to make the… month ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsSo you drew your tag, now your getting ready to hunt out west. Need a light weight hunting… month ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsBarrel threading on sale for $60.00. This price is for the barrel shipped to me. If we have to… month ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsStart you custom rifle build with $500 down #precisionrifle #guns #texas #hunting month ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsAnother #kryptek #cerakote #ar15 month ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsWe have been asked if we can #cerakote a handgun like this. Yes we can!! #custom #1911 #handguns month ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsWest Texas a place you want to make sure you have enough gas in the tank #itsinmynature month ago

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Bullets & Broadheads Big country, big whitetails, big hearts and big family ties – Bullets & Broadheads is a true grit, real story, Texas country hunting-outdoor show. For generations, the Hendrick family grew up harvesting trophy wildlife from the far stretches of Texas underbrush. Today, Michael, Sonia, Michael J. and Mckenzie share those traditions in search of their next monster whitetail. Texas is big country, where the hunts are wild, the people are a dose of southern comfort and family blood comes first. The Hendricks bring Texas living, community and conservative hunting to viewers across the nation.
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Wednesdays at 7:30 PM
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Sonia Hendrick
Wife, mother, huntress, Cabela’s Pro Staff, and one of the outdoor industry top women hunters- Mrs. Hendrick is downright dangerous. She started her big game kicks when she scored a 110 lb North Texas alligator gar with fresh manicure and a recurve bow. Sonia loves to hunt waterfowl, big game, and upland bird. Whether she’s under the brush head to toe in Badlands camo or helping with dinner in boots and jeans, Sonia is a Texas sweetheart through and through. In 2013 Sonia was selected by The Sportsman Channel for a photo shoot with some of the top women in the industry. Sonia is also one of the leading female pro staff members for Cabela’s
Michael Hendrick
Raised in the backcountry of Texas, Michael started his career shooting rabbits, squirrels and learning to hunt with his father and grandparents. At the age of 12 Michael harvested a 21 point non-typical whitetail buck. Determined to do it again, Michael took every opportunity to observe, research and hunt whitetails. In 1998, his hard work and perseverance paid off when he downed a free range 199 inch gross Pope & Young non-typical whitetail buck. Michael Hendrick still holds the Texas State Record. He has also harvested several Boone & Crocket bear and antelope as well as numerous other Pope & Young animals. , Michael has been featured in industry magazines and newspapers from around the country. As part of the Cabela’s Pro Staff Michael is wealth of knowledge and deadly in the field.