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Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsFishing is great, but bow fishing and finding a… days ago
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Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsOne f the best part of any event is getting to see the smiles on the children’s faces. This… weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsDoing my part to help support cabelas ladies day out. @wade_middleton inspired me on the choice… weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsA couple of lucky ladies have won gift cards shooting balloons in the archery range #teamcabelas weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsOk ladies the gift bags are gone, but you still sign up for @evashockey ultimate outdoor… weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsGift bags are going fast sorry gentlemen ! First 50 ladies receive a complimentary gift bag with… weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsLadies day out is in full swing cabelas come on in for your chance at Cabelas gift cards.. join… weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsToday is the day for Cabela's Ladies Day Out. Who all is coming to Cabela's for this great… weeks ago
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Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsOk so I do have to mention that Cabela's Ladies Day Out is not just for the Ladies!!! All you… weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsLadies this Saturday is Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops Ladies Day Out. If your new to hunting or a… weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsThis weekend is cabelas Ladies Day Out who is going to join me at the archery range? Join the… weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsWonders of Wildlife Museum has been nominated for best aquarium . We need your support in voting… weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsIt is no longer a matter of “IF” it’s a matter of “WHEN”. Are you prepared for when the fight is… weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsLooks like it is that time of year when all of the Ladies get the run of the house at Cabela's… weeks ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsYou always hear about the West Tx and New Mexico dust Storms. Have you ever been caught in one ?… month ago
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Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsFinally the finished mount. Who else can’t wait until this fall? #whitetail #deer #hunting month ago
Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsIt’s always exciting when the taxidermist finishes your buck. Another great buck from South… month ago
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Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsWas doing a little preseason scouting out West and saw numerous herds if Antelope over 100 head.… months ago
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Bullets & BroadheadsBullets & BroadheadsWith turkey season open in parts of Texas and other parts just opening. It’s time to head out… months ago

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Bullets & Broadheads Big country, big whitetails, big hearts and big family ties – Bullets & Broadheads is a true grit, real story, Texas country hunting-outdoor show. For generations, the Hendrick family grew up harvesting trophy wildlife from the far stretches of Texas underbrush. Today, Michael, Sonia, Michael J. and Mckenzie share those traditions in search of their next monster whitetail. Texas is big country, where the hunts are wild, the people are a dose of southern comfort and family blood comes first. The Hendricks bring Texas living, community and conservative hunting to viewers across the nation.
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Wednesdays at 7:30 PM
Wednesdays at 3:30 PM
Sundays at 12:30 AM

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Sonia Hendrick
Wife, mother, huntress, Cabela’s Pro Staff, and one of the outdoor industry top women hunters- Mrs. Hendrick is downright dangerous. She started her big game kicks when she scored a 110 lb North Texas alligator gar with fresh manicure and a recurve bow. Sonia loves to hunt waterfowl, big game, and upland bird. Whether she’s under the brush head to toe in Badlands camo or helping with dinner in boots and jeans, Sonia is a Texas sweetheart through and through. In 2013 Sonia was selected by The Sportsman Channel for a photo shoot with some of the top women in the industry. Sonia is also one of the leading female pro staff members for Cabela’s
Michael Hendrick
Raised in the backcountry of Texas, Michael started his career shooting rabbits, squirrels and learning to hunt with his father and grandparents. At the age of 12 Michael harvested a 21 point non-typical whitetail buck. Determined to do it again, Michael took every opportunity to observe, research and hunt whitetails. In 1998, his hard work and perseverance paid off when he downed a free range 199 inch gross Pope & Young non-typical whitetail buck. Michael Hendrick still holds the Texas State Record. He has also harvested several Boone & Crocket bear and antelope as well as numerous other Pope & Young animals. , Michael has been featured in industry magazines and newspapers from around the country. As part of the Cabela’s Pro Staff Michael is wealth of knowledge and deadly in the field.