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Deer Gear TVDeer Gear TVYou're never sure until you get your hands on them. @BassProShops / @Cabelas / @TenPT_Crossbowshttps://t.co/FIutE4nd6d
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Deer Gear TVDeer Gear TVHUNTING TIP: Always check your broadheads before using them. Looks for knicks, loose parts, or chipped points...… https://t.co/Vb0HEaadRJ
Deer Gear TVDeer Gear TVGet in the #Halloween Spirit with these targets! @Performance_Ctr @TCArmsCo https://t.co/qGCKOXRf8F
Deer Gear TVDeer Gear TVWhat's your favorite thing about hunting? @bassproshops @cabelas @YamahaOutdoors #youradventurestartshere… https://t.co/PX7ObY6VqT
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Cabela’s Deer Gear TV allows viewers who enjoy whitetail hunting and the gear associated with it an opportunity to see a diverse range of products used, reviewed, and put to the test. This unique program allows manufacturers, industry personnel, and experts to provide their own personalized messages and demonstrations of their products and services within each episode. In addition to all the gear featured within each episode, viewers are also treated to messages about how to get the most out of their hunting locations with tips on whitetail management, creating food plots, herd management, proper conservation and more!
Air Timesest
Mondays at 11:00 PM
Tuesdays at 2:00 PM
Sundays at 8:30 AM

Deer Gear TV Industry Team
Wade Middleton (CarecoTV), Steve Nessl (Yamaha Outdoors), Paul Pluff (Smith & Wesson), Ted Gartner (Garmin), Justin Bryan (Cabela’s WLM)  & Will Cooper (CarecoTV)