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SportingDog Adventures stays true to its mission of providing family-friendly entertainment by literally involving the entire Fuller family on-air. In addition to the family’s dogs, both Jeff’s wife Kate and his three boys contribute to nearly every episode, participating in hunts, learning conservation tips, cooking up the latest quarry, and of course, working with the dogs. In addition to providing business management to both Soggy Acres Retrievers and SportingDog Adventures, Kate is a new hunter and a life-long dog enthusiast that viewers can follow as she masters new hunting challenges and dishes on ladies-related issues in the Ladies Corner segments. The Fuller boys, Clayton, Cole, and Cal, capture the attention of the youngest viewers and aim to encourage other youngsters to get out in the field. When not hunting, the entire family can be found food plotting, fishing, or (unfortunately) cleaning kennels!
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Tuesdays at 7:30 AM
Wednesdays at 12:30 PM
Thursdays at 8:00 AM
Saturdays at 1:00 PM

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Kate Fuller
Yoga and food plotting. Accounting and shed hunting. Who says these things don’t go together? Anyone meeting Kate would probably characterize her as “eclectic,” donning heels and blouses for her day job as an accounting manager in the construction industry, to a Cabela’s hoodie and skinny jeans for food plotting and getting’ dirty! Kate grew up listening to the hunting and fishing stories of her German ancestors and was an avid shooter with her father and a proud ski/fishing boat owner prior to meeting Jeff in 2012. In addition to her day job, she provides the show and the kennel business management as well as PR work, and has recently branched out to start her own marketing firm, Brown Dog Communications. Kate’s love for the outdoors has led her to give hunting a go for herself, and she appears in many of the latest episodes providing the perspective of both a female hunter and someone new to the sport.
Jeff Fuller
Show founder, host, and executive producer, Jeff always loved dogs but never imagined making a career out of it. He had a successful career in law enforcement with the Muskego Police Department before an injury in the line of duty ended his career. Looking for a new path after his injury, Jeff turned to his constant companion, Candlewoods Lily Belle, a chocolate lab he had received as a gift in 1998, and decided to develop a formal breeding program. The breeding program took off, and eventually inspired Jeff to develop a television show around the dogs. Jeff loves working over his dogs both on upland and waterfowl hunts, and has incorporated his love of dogs into deer hunting by training them to shed hunt. When not traveling and hunting on the show, Jeff oversees his breeding program, Soggy Acres Retrievers, trains dogs, food plots at his northern Wisconsin property, and spends time with wife Kate and his three boys.