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Claudio Ongaro’s Hired to Hunt features some of the most stunning videography and best waterfowl hunting from one of North America’s best regions.  Claudio and his group of dedicated guides will take you on an adventure each and every episode in an effort to not only entertain but also inform and educate.  Tried and true tricks of the trade will be revealed providing a learning experience not provided by any other Show in this genre. Claudio and his team will demonstrate proven techniques and provide the viewer with insights on how to hunt Canada Geese, Specs, Snows, Pintails, and Mallards more effectively in diverse environments, with varying and challenging conditions.

Claudio Ongaro’s Hired to Hunt is a unique behind the scenes look at what it takes to prepare and execute 20 hunts every week, for 9 consecutive weeks, for clients from all over North America.  The intense pressure to make it happen lends itself to its own kind of drama. As a full time outfitter for over two decades Claudio’s knowledge and know-how coupled with his team of guides’ years of experience, is second to none.  They are “Hired to Hunt”; it’s what they do.


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Sundays at 9:00 AM

Claudio Ongaro
Claudio Ongaro is an accomplished outfitter, outdoorsman and writer. He has been an outfitter since 1994 and is considered by many in the industry as an authority on hunting waterfowl, he never rests on his laurels and continually comes up with better techniques by which to hunt them.  In 2011 Cabela’s selected Claudio as their second ever Canadian Pro Staff and just this year, Claudio was named a Cabela’s Ambassador, a designation only a very select group of outdoorsmen have accomplished. Recently he was presented with the prestigious WISE Industry Conservation Award; this award is given to an outstanding ambassador in the outfitting industry who demonstrates passion and commitment to wildlife and the cause of conservation. His enthusiasm and passion for the outdoor lifestyle shines through in his seminars, personal appearances and all that he does.