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You get up early and stay out late. You’re tough enough for nasty weather and hike the roughest country. You can’t sleep the night before the hunt because of preparation and anticipation. “You” are The Radical Hunter. 
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Mondays at 11:00 AM
Wednesdays at 9:30 AM
Fridays at 7:30 PM

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Rex Summerfield
As the owner of Shiloh Outdoor Productions, Rex Summerfield travels extensively each year hunting and videoing exciting adventures from around the world. He is a respected hunter, writer, seminar speaker, television host, videographer and award winning editor. His expertise is the field is highly sought after and he is a pro staff member for a variety of companies. He has several production credits to his name including The Explorer’s Big Game Journal, Knight Rifles “Born to Hunt”, The High Road with Keith Warren, Hunter Specialties television series and recently “The Radical Hunter”. He has authored articles for national hunting publications and conducts seminars on several topics including Elk hunting and Goat Packing. As an avid hunter his resume contains a multitude of species from around the world with both archery and rifle. He is a noted Elk hunter with a success rate of nearly 90% on public land bulls. Late season finds him in pursuit of dark timber Whitetails near him home in Idaho where he has refined specialized tactics for these secretive animals.
Dick Scorzafava
Dick is a respected hunter, author, seminar speaker, and award winning outdoor writer. Dick continues to hunt deer and bear across North America and other species around the world as the host of The Radical Hunter television show. Dick has authored three critically acclaimed hunting books: Radical Bowhunter, Radical Bear Hunter and Spies in the Deer Woods. And, he is the editor of Bear Hunting Magazine and the bowhunting editor of Woods and Waters USA. Dick has authored over 1500 articles in a variety of the top outdoor publications. Dick conducts over 75 seminars across the country annually where is represents, as a pro-staffer many of the industries heavy-weights making him one of the most sought after speakers in the country. He was inducted into the archery Hall of Fame by the Massachusetts Bowhunters Society in 1994. This past year marked the introduction of the all new Dick Scorzafava Radical Hunter signature series products by the following manufacturer’s Alpen Optics (binoculars and rifle scope), Code Blue (complete line of bear attractants), Savage Arms (Bear Hunter rifle), and Schrade Knives (skinning knives).