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King George “KG” Wyant and Ringmaster Tim Saylor (“Ringy”) are two highly motivated treasure hunters with a true passion for history and discovery. Around the world and around the United States, KG and Ringy are in pursuit of “nectar” in this extreme treasure hunting show as they travel to historic sites that include England, France, Russia, Germany, Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands. These close friends are firm believers in having fun while they are out metal detecting, and they often challenge each other to see who can make the greatest find. You can expect the “loser” to suffer in some humorous manner.

KG and Ringy have each found enviable volumes of treasure in their years of detecting. But their excitement is obvious each time they find an old coin or relic that is new to them. “This is a kid-friendly show,” says Ringy. “And we try to relate a little history in each episode to bring our finds into context. So, the kids can actually learn something while we’re showing them how much cool stuff you can dig up if you just get out there and explore.”

For their new “Diggin” series, KG and Ringy even completed their scuba certification so they could pursue coins, jewelry and relics underwater. “That just opened up a whole new world for us,” says KG. “Filming our treasure diving episode was awesome. You can bet we will be doing more underwater detecting in the future!” 

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George Wyant & Tim Saylor
The duo has been digging up valuable coins, relics, jewelry, and artifacts for many years. Their love of finding treasure led them to create Anaconda Treasure Company, Team ATC, and their own Extreme Metal Detecting DVD series. This led to appearances on news programs like Good Morning America and to their own television series.

George (KG) Wyant was raised in Anaconda, Montana, where he worked for many years at a major copper mine in Butte, Montana. He and his wife Lori and two daughters, Emily and Morgan, now live in Kansas, but KG still makes annual trips back to Montana to pursue his love of bow and rifle hunting.

Tim (Ringy) Saylor was raised in Iowa and holds degrees from the University of Iowa in both German and Psychology. He later met KG while living in Anaconda, Montana, where the two discovered their common infatuation with metal detecting. Tim now makes his home in Arizona with his fiancée Carlotta.