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doug koenigdoug koenigJust finished at the range. Time for my Otis ripcord. #otistec #smartguncare #shooting
doug koenigdoug koenigGetting a final zero before I leave for Georgia to shoot Masterpiece PRS match. This will be my…
doug koenigdoug koenigHaving a great time in Ga shooting my .22 rimfire at the US Steel Nationals.…
doug koenigdoug koenigFirst stage on Sunday morning at USPSA Nationals . Shooting right into sun!…
doug koenigdoug koenigGetting in some work at volusia rifle and pistol before nationals.
doug koenigdoug koenigHad a good time at Pine Creek Sporting Club today doing my demo. Hope to be back soon!
doug koenigdoug koenigIt was 60 yesterday! Gotta love the NE in March.
doug koenigdoug koenigShooting my M&P Core topped with a Leupold delta point pro at the Florida open.…
doug koenigdoug koenigThis is what happens when you lose on a sporting clay stand. Loser pushes cart and…


Doug Koenig Championship Season returns to the Pursuit Channel. From remote hunting destinations to the firing line, join your host and world shooting champion Doug Koenig on his quest for the ultimate trophies. Championship Season features a gritty combination of fast-paced shooting competition and in your face hunting adventure. Whether it’s bull elk, whitetails or competition shooting, one thing is certain…bullets will fly and it’s gonna be a wild ride!

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Fridays at 9:00 PM

Doug Koenig
Doug puts his incredible successes down to nothing more than practice and determination and a great work ethic. Doug takes the same approach to his hunting as he does his shooting competitions, by seeking out the best gear and equipment that he can find. Doug has his own TV show, “Doug Koenig’s Championship Season,” in which he promotes an outdoor lifestyle, shooting sports, and hunting. The show provides a great insight into what it takes to become a champion, and gives a glimpse into the family and personal life of the world’s greatest all around shooter. He is passionate about encouraging children to take up shooting sports, and spends a great deal of time helping kids live the outdoor lifestyle and get down to their local range.