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Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvFilming Gerry Rightmyer for the first time this season...beautiful day to be hunting. Filming for season six. https://t.co/lzRfBPVerX5 days ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvCONGRATULATIONS to STEVE BYERS for putting a well placed grim reaper broadhead in this north country doe. Great job… https://t.co/Xhkch7EMFn6 days ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvThank you to JAY DUNCAN and CENTERPOINT ARCHERY for the new SPECIALISTXL 370 and SNIPER ELITE 370 crossbows they se… https://t.co/heYshbxLPK6 days ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvThe 2018 NY youth deer season is in full swing and Julia Schicker daughter of Co Host Steve Schicker is waiting for… https://t.co/tyRGWLBY1V2 weeks ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvCo host Steve Schicker slammed this big mature dry doe, filling the last of 4 nuisance deer tags filming for season… https://t.co/nYuLZazsCf3 weeks ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatv#NewProfilePic https://t.co/E2ZYiAlDDQ1 month ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvWhen hunting this season, know your shot and hit, it will determine how proceed in recovering your game. Good luck… https://t.co/fppbNd4YfE1 month ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvOn the road to 2018 DEERASSIC CLASSIC! Representing all of our amazing affiliates and the PURSUIT CHANNEL! Stop b… https://t.co/wQXnkOF7p93 months ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvNew for 2018! If you love America and support the second amendment like we do then you will love this new line up.… https://t.co/HmMCtOEzKh3 months ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvTwo more weeks until the 2018 DEERASSIC CLASSIC! Stop by the FWO booth and get your new logo gear. New look will be… https://t.co/vBrG6XLZ683 months ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvRT @VanguardHunting: Promo of the Week: Save up to $40 on the Official Hunting Pack of #RealtreeOutdoors Special thanks to @TylerJordan! SH…4 months ago
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Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvSteve Schicker punched his New York tag over the Memorial day weekend. Calling in a non aggressive manor lured this… https://t.co/tWG5fqaagI5 months ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvThe pike keep getting bigger at BLACK BEAR ISLAND LODGE in LaRonge Saskatchewan. Stephen Byers Is having the time… https://t.co/loxgVE1BXx5 months ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvStephen Byers with a giant Northern Pike at BLACK BEAR ISLAND LODGE in LaRonge Saskatchewan. https://t.co/1TYykBOtQQ5 months ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvGerry Rightmyer, Ben Lowe and Steve Doudt absolutely killing it at KABY LODGE in ALGOMA COUNTRY, North Central ONTA… https://t.co/5wRocF7oU05 months ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvCurrent mood! https://t.co/YzskJaDm0o5 months ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvLooks like we know what the Byers family will be having for Mothers day dinner. STEVE BYERS tagged out with this be… https://t.co/owPa0j0zrz5 months ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvWow! Season 6 is shaping up to be a great year for the FWO CREW. Congratulations to STEPHEN BYERS and BEN LOWE for… https://t.co/Xe8UHi4WAU6 months ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvJEREMY EVANS WRECKED THIS North Carolina gobbler this morning with his new WRECKING MACHINE CALLS filming season 6… https://t.co/ki53TaYHzH6 months ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvCongratulations to Blake Anderson and Joey Devries on two great gobblers killed opening morning of the 2018 NY you… https://t.co/uHhit7aaw76 months ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvThis week on Antlergrow's Forever Wild Outdoors Adrenaline Adventures TV, Gerry Rightmyer and Steve Doudt head to K… https://t.co/Jui0dQgQBb6 months ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvThe New York youth turkey season starts in just over a week. It's one of our favorite times of year. Take a cild out hunting and fishing.6 months ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvTune in Thursday night at 7 :30pm for the new exciting episode of ANTLERGROWS FOREVER WILD OUTDOORS ADRENALINE ADV… https://t.co/qm2zt323w56 months ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvRT @VanguardHunting: All April, when you buy a qualifying PIONEER hunting pack, you have a 10 in 10 chance of receiving something free (@Re…7 months ago
Foreverwildoutdoors @fwoaatvThis week on Antlergrow's Forever Wild Outdoors Adrenaline Adventures TV, join Stephen and Sarah Byers as they head… https://t.co/FVH8HEq0hV7 months ago
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Today’s emphasis on trophy hunting can be both unrealistic and discouraging to the average hunter. We want to bring the excitement and thrill of the “experience” back to our television viewing audience. High priced hunts and the constant emphasis on “trophy” hunting has flooded the airwaves. Forever Wild Outdoors wants to “break away” from this “cookie-cutter” mold.Entertaining the viewer is our goal, but we also want to teach the viewer what has made our careers so successful. Passing on this knowledge is paramount, and we believe the viewers will embrace our style and experience.

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Thursdays at 7:30 PM

Steve Schicker & Gerry Rightmyer
Steve was born in upstate New York where he learned from his father that it’s not the size of the trophy; it’s the size of the experience that counts. At seventeen, Steve enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and still continued to hunt every chance he could. In 1996, Steve was in a car accident with two compression fractures in his spine, resulting in a lot of free time. Since he could not hunt, he turned to his first love… art, and so started Forever Wild Outdoors. Steve sold his art at various festivals where he met a hunter safety instructor. The instructor convinced Steve to become an instructor himself, which allowed him to pay it forward, teaching others what was taught to him by his father. He attended Finger Lakes Community College to study Wildlife Biology. It was during this time Steve began his journey into competition turkey calling. Traveling the east coast to parts of the Midwest and entering as many competitions as he could, and competing in many of the major competitions, he eventually became a five-time New York State Turkey Calling Champion. Now in the outdoor industry, Steve worked for various game call companies in sales and marketing and design, until eventually he began his own call company. Producing video to support the sale of his calls, Steve soon found a passion for telling the hunting tale through a camera lens.

For the past 30 years, Gerry has pursued big game. To date, he has hunted 15 states, five Canadian Provinces, South America and two provinces in South Africa. Over that span, he has qualified animals in the Boone and Crockett, Pope and Young and New York State records. His accomplishments include gold and silver medals in Safari Club International records as well. Gerry has taken big game with rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, compound bow and crossbow.

In 2010, he was awarded third place at Boone and Crockett’s 27th Triennial Awards in Reno, Nevada. His 272 2/8” non-typical whitetail, taken in Kansas in 2006, currently ranks in the top 25 all-time. It remains the largest whitetail harvested by a non-resident in that state. It was also the 2nd largest whitetail taken in North America in 2006.

Gerry is also an accomplished outdoor writer. He has published articles in Big Game Adventures Magazine, Eastmans’ Hunting Journal, Huntin’ Fool Magazine, North American Hunter, Big Buck Magazine and various other online journals. He is also an accomplished seminar speaker. He has conducted deer and turkey seminars all over the United States for companies such as Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, and Gander Mountain. He has done numerous seminars for local community groups and organizations.

He is an official measurer for the Boone and Crockett Club, Pope and Young Club and the New York State Big Buck Club. He is a Life Member of the North American Hunting Club and a Life Associate Member of the Boone and Crockett Club.