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Gary LewisGary LewisMy daughter and her daughter. A touch of procurebaitscents #troutscent on a soft bead plastic… hours ago
Gary LewisGary LewisA story out of Oregon in this issue of Successful Hunter magazine. #frontierunlimited hours ago
Gary LewisGary LewisWe hunted with Lynda and Tracy Wilson on the day after Katie’s hunt. We had to hunt the opposite… hours ago
Gary LewisGary LewisIn the Spring issue of Outdoor Life. It was fun working on this story with @johnhafnerphoto and… hours ago
Gary LewisGary LewisKatie, 11, was with us on the New Zealand hunt. It took over an hour to make the stalk on this… hours ago
Gary LewisGary LewisLooking for shed antlers up in the mountains in New Zealand and we found this red stag head,… day ago
Gary LewisGary LewisSquirrel’s eye 👁 view of @rholmesjohnson down on a carpet of #alfalfa #lucerne #varminthunting days ago
Gary LewisGary LewisAva caught her first catfish today. Holden caught one too. #fishing #fish #fishingcentraloregon days ago
Gary LewisGary LewisBreakfast at Rat Camp this morning. #craneoregon #diamondaguides #huntingoregon days ago
Gary LewisGary LewisIt was a little windy yesterday but we persevered. 380 rounds through this #savageA17 days ago
Gary LewisGary LewisA young stag on the South Island. Stalking a big one, we had to stop when this one spotted us.… week ago
Gary LewisGary Lewis@merrilee_g on a cold, windy morning in March at TREO #easternoregon #pheasanthunting week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisAnd this is an E-Tip, a 57-grainer. Recovered from a fallow stag. #deerhunting week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisCross canyon shooting in the southern Alps. The air was calm and when I laid down the rifle on… week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisLoading up at the end of an all day hunt for chamois near #foxglacier #westcoast #newzealand weeks ago
Gary LewisGary LewisA couple of my new friends in the #cookislands That hat blew off my head into the Pacific the… weeks ago
Gary LewisGary LewisDay 2 in the Cook Islands. We fished 14 hours all told. Marked a lot of fish, got a few bites.… weeks ago
Gary LewisGary LewisThis is Katoa, our guide for half a day out of Raro with Marlin Queen 👑 We didn’t catch any 🐟… weeks ago
Gary LewisGary LewisWe spent 2-1/2 days in the Cook Islands. You don’t need to set the alarm clock ⏰ in Rarotonga.… weeks ago

In this hunting and fishing TV show, get up close and personal with some of the best guides in the region and around the world. Learn how to make the most of your time in the field and on the water. Hunting and fishing TV show host—Gary Lewis, takes you there with an exciting story-driven outdoor show.

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Thursdays at 1:30 PM

Gary Lewis
I’ve never forgotten the wonder of the chase, of nature in the raw. It fuels the pursuit of the story, whether we are in the wilderness of Alaska, in the African bush, on the slopes in New Zealand or hunting and fishing my home state of Oregon. Television gives us another way to tell the stories of people, ghost towns, backcountry and life in the wild in the context of the chase.”

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Gary Lewis has been walking forest trails and running rivers as far back as he can remember. An award-winning writer, he has penned over 3,000 newspaper and magazine articles and published 16 books.