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Gary LewisGary LewisOn September 12, in Bend, Oregon, come to Sportsman's Warehouse for a mule deer and blacktail deer hunting seminar… https://t.co/Y3HIBaK1C31 month ago
Gary LewisGary Lewis10 Ways to Prep for Elk Season from Getzone and me. https://t.co/voyBSGeoCk2 months ago
Gary LewisGary LewisNope! No bison. But maybe there ought to be. Thanks shred_xj2 for this pic of #zumwaltprairie #huntingoregonhttps://t.co/6GYVa9X3Wf2 months ago
Gary LewisGary LewisAnother shot from the antelope hunt. This is Terry Rodakowski. That’s a determined man right there. We camped out i… https://t.co/n9kGOQQU7U2 months ago
Gary LewisGary LewisThirteen years since my last opportunity to hunt pronghorn in Oregon. An experience to savor. As long as the meat l… https://t.co/VIwW2pkVCI2 months ago
Gary LewisGary LewisI used this little fence post as a rest. And I had a hen turkey decoy down at the water. The buck stopped when he s… https://t.co/yCIUL94lwH2 months ago
Gary LewisGary LewisI went coyote hunting yesterday. Called the first one in less than a minute using a woodpecker sound. The coyote tr… https://t.co/Mz3uFYBR6m2 months ago
Gary LewisGary LewisAva caught this nice one at Shevlin Pond tonight. #avadoreen #fishingcentraloregon #procurebaitscents #kidsfishinghttps://t.co/v2VZgY4JzM2 months ago
Gary LewisGary LewisAva is learning some important concepts. #brownthingsweliketoeat #godmadethemoutofmeat #huntingoregon #elkmeathttps://t.co/4chO0jXWrb2 months ago
Gary LewisGary LewisFarley was no help at all on my antelope hunt. #yardbucks #muledeer #appletree #inbend #decoy #huntingoregon https://t.co/mNWRcHJAm92 months ago
Gary LewisGary LewisI took out the nipple and dribbled a little loose powder in to make sure. After I cleaned out the firing channel I… https://t.co/Ma5zXWbpYn2 months ago
Gary LewisGary LewisYellowstone cutt on a 3-weight. This fish wrapped the line in a root wad and was extremely hard to bring to hand. I… https://t.co/KOuS5ix7xz2 months ago
Gary LewisGary LewisFound myself working on chukar hunt stories today. Talked to ODFW and it looks like a good season shaping up.… https://t.co/3syGpsdNWt2 months ago
Gary LewisGary LewisWe got to try a flare gun the other day. This is https://t.co/PSLaJSWaAj purenzhunting visiting in Oregon.… https://t.co/s5Cl1eqdDy2 months ago
Gary LewisGary LewisTrout fishing on a tiny tributary, this is Paul Mason who helped us in pursuit of the Utah Cutthroat Slam last mont… https://t.co/UYxnh0oqaO2 months ago
Gary LewisGary LewisAnchoring gear from people who know: https://t.co/zOFj187EFS2 months ago
Gary LewisGary LewisGetting ready for salmon fishing on the Columbia this fall? Here's how to anchor: https://t.co/BEidGShD002 months ago

In this hunting and fishing TV show, get up close and personal with some of the best guides in the region and around the world. Learn how to make the most of your time in the field and on the water. Hunting and fishing TV show host—Gary Lewis, takes you there with an exciting story-driven outdoor show.

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Thursdays at 1:30 PM

Gary Lewis
I’ve never forgotten the wonder of the chase, of nature in the raw. It fuels the pursuit of the story, whether we are in the wilderness of Alaska, in the African bush, on the slopes in New Zealand or hunting and fishing my home state of Oregon. Television gives us another way to tell the stories of people, ghost towns, backcountry and life in the wild in the context of the chase.”

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Gary Lewis has been walking forest trails and running rivers as far back as he can remember. An award-winning writer, he has penned over 3,000 newspaper and magazine articles and published 16 books.