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Gary LewisGary LewisWhen I woke up this morning I reflected on the weird tradition of issuing a presidential pardon… hours ago
Gary LewisGary LewisOur next big game hunt is in January. We will take a trip to western Oregon to hunt elk in the… hours ago
Gary LewisGary LewisHere’s a pic of John Nosler with his Nosler Partition bullet. The bullet and the company turn 70… hours ago
Gary LewisGary LewisLast week, walking up on he deer in Missouri. Thanks samuelpyke for the shot. #frontierunlimited hours ago
Gary LewisGary LewisThe latest issue of Surplus Vintage & Classic Firearms from @fmgpubs Turn to page 94 for my… day ago
Gary LewisGary LewisFound in a second hand shop in Braymer, Missouri, last week. #kidcolt #copyright1960 #montanajoe day ago
Gary LewisGary LewisThanksgiving is the traditional kickoff for winter steelhead fishing. Who is going steelhead… days ago
Gary LewisGary LewisPlanning to fish with Rugged Point Lodge in BC next spring. #halibut #salmonfishing #fishingbc days ago
Gary LewisGary LewisA steelhead taken and released while fishing with Rob Crandall of watertimeoutfitters on the… days ago
Gary LewisGary LewisThis is Holden, the youngest hunter in camp. Every time the kids come over, we go out and check… days ago
Gary LewisGary LewisDabbing is canceled days ago
Gary LewisGary LewisLiesl was pointing quail in the yard while I was gone, keeping in practice. I have to admire her… days ago
Gary LewisGary LewisHere’s one of our yard deer. This little guy has been hanging around with his mom for months.… days ago
Gary LewisGary LewisTurnips and radishes. Sometimes you gotta eat like a 🦌 #vegetarian #vegetarianrecipes days ago
Gary LewisGary LewisHere’s another look at a very interesting buck. levi.m.outdoors had this one on 🎥 since June. He… days ago
Gary LewisGary LewisI knew these whitetails were big, but I had no idea how big in the body they can get in… days ago
Gary LewisGary LewisIn Clay County, MO, this morning, we stopped at the Jesse James home place where Jesse was born… days ago
Gary LewisGary LewisWhat a great hunt here in Missouri! It wasn’t easy to spot this deer in the tall cover. When he… week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisQuick work back at the farmhouse. Using the Raptorazor on this deer. #deerhunting #deerseason week ago

Stories from the edge of civilization, tales of yesterday, notes from wilderness, in the context of fishing and the hunt – that’s Frontier Unlimited. On the heels of the award-winning Gary Lewis’ Adventure Journal comes the new weekly outdoor TV show called Frontier Unlimited.

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Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and has been running rivers and walking forest trails for as long as he can remember. This hunting and fishing TV show host is an award-winning newspaper columnist for The Bend Bulletin. He has published 14 books, written hundreds of magazine articles and appeared in three DVDs.