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Gary LewisGary LewisAshland-based Work Sharp has a new guided field sharpener with diamond plates, ceramic rods and leather strop for… week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisIf holiday travels take you past places like Stinkingwater or Tombstone Pass, reflect on what it must have been lik… week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisNew from Camp Chef this year is the Stryker 200 multi-fuel stove. It runs on propane or butane, heats half a liter… week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisEveryone needs luggage. If an outdoors-person is climbing on floatplanes, drifting rivers or crossing salty bays, t… week ago
Gary LewisGary Lewisthe Sig Kilo range finder Kilo2400ABS proved itself from New Zealand's alpine to Oregon's outback.1 week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisFor the hunter, it's hard to beat binoculars. Testing new glass this year two favorites rose to the top: Leupold's… week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisKnow someone who cleans a lot of fish? Fillet Away fish mats are stink-free and easy to clean. I keep one on the wo… week ago
Gary LewisGary Lewis( $69.99). Another great product, for cold weather fishermen, are their reel feel disposable… week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisFish Fighter Products is an innovative company from Mountain Home, Idaho. Their approach to downrigger weights allo… week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisPeople who love their family should not let them fish bad tackle. A Ceymar spinning combo from Okuma is a good way… week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisFly-fishermen will sniff, but the trophy trout hunter that employs spinning gear would sure like Pro Cure trout sau… week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisOmbraz sunglasses ( $160) with no frames! Instead you slide two friction-fit beads on the co… week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisEyes wear out too. That's why I'm tying knots with the aid of KastKing Hiwassee bifocal sport sunglasses $39.98. And no one can tell.1 week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisOne great new landing net is the KastKing Madbite ( $45.98).1 week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisIf your favorite angler has sprung a leak, check out the new Aquaz Kenai convertible waders ( $199.99).1 week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisGrays Harbor Unders has figured out how to keep people comfortable in the rain, sleet and snow. Give a steelheader… week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisPre-tied on a long leader, Wicked Lures are designed to add a weight for trolling or casting ( $7.99).1 week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisEver wonder how some of your friends always cast further than everyone else? There are a couple of tricks. When the… week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisAshland-based Work Sharp has a new guided field sharpener with diamond plates, ceramic rods and leather strop for… week ago
Gary LewisGary LewisOut of Oregon City, Benchmade's Altitude is a skeletonized lightweight hunting knife with carbon fiber micro scales… week ago

In this hunting and fishing TV show, get up close and personal with some of the best guides in the region and around the world. Learn how to make the most of your time in the field and on the water. Hunting and fishing TV show host—Gary Lewis, takes you there with an exciting story-driven outdoor show.

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Thursdays at 1:30 PM

Gary Lewis
I’ve never forgotten the wonder of the chase, of nature in the raw. It fuels the pursuit of the story, whether we are in the wilderness of Alaska, in the African bush, on the slopes in New Zealand or hunting and fishing my home state of Oregon. Television gives us another way to tell the stories of people, ghost towns, backcountry and life in the wild in the context of the chase.”

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Gary Lewis has been walking forest trails and running rivers as far back as he can remember. An award-winning writer, he has penned over 3,000 newspaper and magazine articles and published 16 books.