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WG TV presents you with two small town country girls, Jen O’Hara and Norissa Harman. They are not pretending to know it all when it comes to hunting, but are determined to learn, while having fun and entertaining the audience.  

While Norissa is the careful and cautious planner, Jen fearlessly jumps into whatever wild idea the producer throws their way!

This new season of Girls with Guns will also feature, Kasi Geraci, Heather Glenny and Callie Wolverton.

If we’re not jumping off a bridge, driving 25 hours through rural Africa, eating strange foods or enjoying the serenity of the outdoors, Jen and Norissa are back in Northern California working hard on their clothing line “Girls with Guns Clothing“. With an equal love for the outdoors and their business you will get to see the truthfulness behind these hard working business women and huntresses. 

 The future of Girls with Guns TV is in the hands of creative, free-spirited professionals, who share a passion for their 2nd amendment rights and fair-chase hunting. Whether you are watching us on the Pursuit Channel or Carbon TV, shopping for our products, being fierce and feminine is all part of the journey! 

 The Girls with Guns TV theme song, ‘Let’s Ride’ is written by Morgan Mills, featuring country star Colt Ford. It is available to download via iTunes 

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Norissa Harman & Jen O’Hara
Norissa Harman’s creative eye and funky flair for fashion, combined with the love for the outdoors Norissa Harman dreamed of owning her own clothing line for years. Her drive and desire & passion brought her and cofounder Jen O’Hara together to create the hottest upcoming outdoor lifestyle apparel fashion line. Norissa dared to dream a bigger dream. As cohost of the new TV Show Universal Huntress, Norissa shows her determination and drive to not only to step outside of her comfort zone but educate herself and her fans about the importance of conservation and the serenity and love for the outdoors.

Jen O’Hara is proud of her small town country girl heritage, is best known for her strong work ethic and her drive to make things happen! She is the cofounder of the successful clothing brand, Girls with Guns, along with her best friend, Norissa Harman. The cohost of the new TV show Universal Huntress is spirited and passionate about conservation and hunting. She stands strong for her beliefs and supports just causes. She is active and skilled in her sport and career and is impassioned to share and empower others. Always daring to go beyond expectations and exploring the unknown, Jen is not your typical “American Woman at Work”, she will take you outside your box.

Kasi Geraci first made her hunting debut on Extreme Huntress, from where she travelled to South Africa to film a short film for the African market. After joining us on a hunt in Serbia, and recently to Texas. we are happy to welcome this young, energetic huntress to our team.
Heather Glenny is based out of PA at her families Whitetail Ranch, Quest Haven Outfitters. She is also a registered nurse and mother to, two beautiful young children. Heather will join Norissa on a Whitetail hunt in PA and visit Africa for the first time for a family plains game hunt.
Callie Wolverton is a true Northern California country girl. You can always find her in boots and jeans, out getting dirty and trying to show up the boys. She spends most of her time at Girls with Guns® Headquarters, where she is the Public Relations and Corporate Partnerships Director. She also travels across the U.S. growing the #GWGNation through numerous trade shows and outdoor events.