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Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliWhat do you do to mentally prepare before a big BASS Elite event? Go fishing for monster crappie! @BASS_nation mins ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliWanna win a signed jersey from me? All you gotta do is subscribe to my YouTube channel, winner announced May 31!… hours ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliHappy Mother Earth Day! #earthday #bigwater day ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliThis stuff makes me happy! A great way to stay hydrated while fishing or traveling! @VitaCoco #hydration day ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliFun night out with the wife! Congrats to the bride and groom! #datenight days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliGood luck to all the teams competing today at the Bass Cat Owners Tournament on Lake Guntersville! @BassCatBoats days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliThat's right, monofilament still has a place in my boat and it should for you too! Here's why! @BerkleyFishing days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliTake your pick. The full line of Ike Hats including the new black and grey now up on… days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliCapatilize on the shad spawn to catch more bass! Check out Ott DeFoe's class on & get 10 FR… days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliRT @TravisG1988: Catching up on the last couple episode of @mike_Iaconelli #GoingIke series. Can't get enough of it! 🎣3 days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliRT @TomDykshoorn: Because @mike_Iaconelli has the most badass boat I've ever seen days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliRT @BassUniversity: A true El Salto giant! Catch them with @mike_Iaconelli & @PeteGluszek Nov 6-10! Sign up by May 23, get a Bass U hat & s…3 days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliRT @shotzfocus: Was at my local bait shop this morning #MIB #MarbleIslandBait&Tackle And look who I see on a Mag @mike_Iaconelli 🎣 This Guy…3 days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliFolks at home, folks at home, I introduce to you Easter egg hunting Ike style! Hope you enjoy, lol.… days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliI'm still trying to figure out how to get cereal in this big old cup???? @MajorLeagueFish @GeneralMills #nevergiveup days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliRT @Surreelfishing: @mike_Iaconelli my wife got this for me for my birthday 🎉 ready to start reading it now!! days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliRT @chadbwaltz: @mike_Iaconelli if you had a yacht ... days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliIn case you missed episode #4 of Going Ike last night, watch for the full episode release tomm on my Facebook page… days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliIf you missed 2017 Bassmaster Classic Champ Jordan Lee on Ike Live this week you can go back & watch it anytime at… days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliHave fun and take a kid fishing! days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliRT @ikeliveshow: The web show for people with magnetic personalities. Watch Ike Live! #ikelive #watchikelive #woolywilly @mike_Iaconelli @B5 days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliRT @BassUniversity: Come to Mexico with @mike_Iaconelli & @PeteGluszek! Giant bass, great food & good times ahead at @AnglersInnIntl Lake E…5 days ago
Mike IaconelliMike Iaconellinew Going Ike episode airing tonight at 7:30 PM ET on the Pursuit Channel. Or go to the Pursuit… days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliBeck with a nice one off a bed! Fell victim to the Berkley Havoc Devils Spear Jr. on a 1/8 oz. VMC Rugby Head!… days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliBrand new episode of Going Ike tonight on the @PursuitChannel at 7:30 pm ET! #goingike days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliThanks to everyone who tuned into the Ike Live show tonight! If you missed it, it will be up tomorrow on… days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliJordan Lee coming up on now! days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliAll the bluegill are doing it, so should you. WATCH Ike Live tonight 7-10 PM ET! Special guest Jordan Lee and John… days ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliDont miss the new addition of Ike Live tomm night 7-10 PM ET featuring Classic Champ Jordan Lee and Toledo Bend win… week ago
Mike IaconelliMike IaconelliWishing everyone a very Happy Easter! Hope you had a blessed day filled with amazing surprises! I know we did!… week ago

Mike Iaconelli’s destination fishing series, “Going Ike” reveals thrilling footage captured while filming at epic fishing destinations, such as Philadelphia, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Miami, the swamps of Louisiana and more.  It puts a unique twist on the traditional fishing show by featuring new, game-changing fishing tactics and the stunning emotional moments of catching trophy fish.

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Mike Iaconelli
Mike Iaconelli is a fan-favorite professional angler that competes on the Bassmaster Elite Series and Major League Fishing circuits. Mike is the only angler to ever win the Bassmaster Classic, Bassmaster Angler of the Year title, and the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Championship. Mike also leads professional anglers with the longest active streak of Bassmaster Classic qualifications with sixteen consecutive Classic appearances. In addition to competing at the top level of professional bass fishing, Mike is driven to grow the sport of fishing with his own entertainment, education, and charity organizations: The Bass University, Ike Live, Going Ike, and The Ike Foundation.