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Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliA brand new Fish My City less than 20 mins away on Nat Geo Wild! Tune in as I uncover some amazing fishing opportun… https://t.co/HXxpfffqkg4 hours ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliLouisiana speckled sea trout! Watch #fishmycity on @natgeowild tonight at 10 p.m. EDT/9 CDT to see the awesome fres… https://t.co/z55kjRN6zy9 hours ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliAnyone want to take my dogs for a walk? Hands down the best walking frog out there! @Molixfishing @TackleWarehousehttps://t.co/JeGWwcy7bd14 hours ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliNo bull, you are going to see some GIANT fish caught in tonight’s new episode of Fish My City from New Orleans Loui… https://t.co/4VemgC7zH917 hours ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliRT @FilthyFrankstr: @mike_Iaconelli @natgeowild Thank you so much sir. My series recording is officially set. And oh yeah. Nice catch on Br…18 hours ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliLet me let you in on a little secret ... Fish My City on @natgeowild comes to the great city of New Orleans tomorr… https://t.co/8YZWvq82Yz1 day ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliMeet me this Friday 10 PM ET at the French Quarter for some fishing in down town New Orleans! Catch this new episod… https://t.co/znJ7OVnH5B2 days ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliIt’s that time of the year again! Tune into https://t.co/P9PgMYoFTe for the Ike Live Halloween Special this coming… https://t.co/327LNcjfFH2 days ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliThat moment of sheer panic when a big en is about to jump! @hobiefishing @Molixfishing @Abu_Garcia #mirageoutbackhttps://t.co/tOFvYcsDhT2 days ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliRT @Molixfishing: A little “In The Shop” spinnerbait modification with @mike_Iaconelli 👀🤔🤑 #Triple #Molix https://t.co/yc51W1Hk6s2 days ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliRT @DaveMercer: Today a special day for 🇨🇦! @mike_Iaconelli @FishMyCity https://t.co/zn6gQ2WOUQ2 days ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliRT @LimeyBasstard: Didn’t think us 🇨🇦 were getting this but...series scheduled!! @mike_Iaconelli @FishMyCity https://t.co/M81y3fOxeq2 days ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliRAM Mounts are the best way to mount your high dollar electronics! You can adjust your units as conditions dictate.… https://t.co/QeUWkIfvqb2 days ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliWho can name this beautiful fish species caught in downtown New Orleans Louisiana? Find out about this fish plus th… https://t.co/nLsomQAh1P3 days ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliRT @TheOutdoorGuys: If you missed last week's show, featuring @mike_Iaconelli #FishmyCity and Rich Yvon from @TwinMapleOutdrs , the podcast…3 days ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliAnyone can learn NEW bass fishing techniques on the fly by watching Bass University TV. Tune in today at 12 PM ET t… https://t.co/ES3ZOcTBwU3 days ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliFilming a TV Show is FUN! Full out-take video here 👉 https://t.co/eLUncgwGJH @natgeowild #fishmycity https://t.co/GJY5c2Dmkn3 days ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliFolks at home, folks at home! Here’s some great BONUS footage from the New York City episode of Fish My City with M… https://t.co/2R9VhsG0Zd3 days ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliFishheads! Find out how I caught my fish in New York City for the first episode of Fish My City on @natgeowild!… https://t.co/k51HLw95T84 days ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliShout out to everyone who came out to the Pitman Creek Show today! Great meeting you! @Pitman_Creek @Abu_Garciahttps://t.co/Q2p8zObkzU4 days ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliHere’s another clip of one of the two channel catfish I caught on Broad Street in Philadelphia PA last week! It fee… https://t.co/79sXC25w5p5 days ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliI wanted to send a SUPER special shout out to the entire @proedgefishing team! Thank you all for working SO HARD on… https://t.co/7U2wC5j2kq6 days ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” Iaconelli48 degrees outside! The FIRST chilly morning of the fall here in New Jersey! This should get the fish moving!… https://t.co/j4QXJ0cRtT6 days ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliAfter a jammed packed week leading up to the launch of the TV show, it was sure nice to take a break and get back t… https://t.co/uT5saiI5Is6 days ago
Mike “IKE” IaconelliMike “IKE” IaconelliHey everybody! My new blog is all about what you saw last night on Fish My City on @natgeowild: fishing in NYC!… https://t.co/fn0iVZyCpz7 days ago

Mike Iaconelli’s destination fishing series, “Going Ike” reveals thrilling footage captured while filming at epic fishing destinations, such as Philadelphia, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Miami, the swamps of Louisiana and more.  It puts a unique twist on the traditional fishing show by featuring new, game-changing fishing tactics and the stunning emotional moments of catching trophy fish.

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Tuesdays at 7:30 PM
Wednesdays at 9:00 AM
Saturdays at 6:00 AM
Mike Iaconelli
Mike Iaconelli is a fan-favorite professional angler that competes on the Bassmaster Elite Series and Major League Fishing circuits. Mike is the only angler to ever win the Bassmaster Classic, Bassmaster Angler of the Year title, and the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Championship. Mike also leads professional anglers with the longest active streak of Bassmaster Classic qualifications with sixteen consecutive Classic appearances. In addition to competing at the top level of professional bass fishing, Mike is driven to grow the sport of fishing with his own entertainment, education, and charity organizations: The Bass University, Ike Live, Going Ike, and The Ike Foundation.