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Gorilla Squad TV is a brand new concept in Outdoor Television.  Hunters from around the country getting together to create a one of a kind show that has no sponsor obligations.  That’s right, we can show you real hunts, with real gear, by real people without the influence of the money or power of the outdoor industry giants.

So what you get is an authentic TV show that is run by the Gorilla Squad without anyone pushing us to give long product speeches and make mini-infomercials and putting them into the show.  

The squad comes from all walks of life from just about everywhere in North America.  You won’t see one personality on this show, you will see many.  So why the name “Gorilla Squad”?  Well Gorilla spelled a different way is Guerrilla which is commonly combined with warfare, which is small groups of people who take on large groups …. Though not spelled the same way, we are a small group bucking the system by not accepting sponsors and the “outdoor TV conformity”.  The squad, well that is self-explanatory.  

So if you’ve ever wondered what an outdoor TV show would look like when they have no one to answer to except themselves, Gorilla Squad is a must see. 

Coming 2021

The host of the Gorilla Squad, is in fact the squad!  There is no 1 host for this show as the guys and gals out in the field host their own hunts.  Who can tell the story better than the person that was there and experienced the entire episode first hand.