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Hobie FishingHobie FishingHere's some Lake Erie bass action to get you warmed up for the summer. Get out there and catch 'em! days ago
Hobie FishingHobie Fishing days ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingWant to compete against the best in the world at Hobie Fishing Worlds 7? Here are your opportunities! The Hobie... days ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingTalk about your exotics. Hobie Top Gun Brad Hole with some decidedly not-everyday catches. What's the strangest... days ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingHey, that's tonight! Catch Ike on the Pursuit Channel at 7:30 pm ET fishing from his Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14.... days ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingOn this #MonsterMonday, Hobie Top Gun Eric McDonald tangles with a nice sailfish. days ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingWhen we asked Hobie Top Gun Christopher Siebenthaler to limit himself to five go-to bass rigs, he agonized and... week ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingIntroducing the H-Crate Jr. At 14 by 14 inches, it's a more compact version of Hobie's storage stalwart, ideal... weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingWe can't get enough of Panama Los Buzos style! weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie Fishing#MonsterMonday takes us to Washington's Olympic Peninsula for this massive 50-pound halibut caught by Hobie... weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingWhat is your confidence bait? For Hobie Fishing Top Gun Jef Brewer, the answer is the versatile lipless crankbait. weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingIt's toad time! Show us your big bass. This one was caught this week by Hobie Fishing Top Gun Kevin Workman. weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingFishing mode engaged! (Watch out Aussies!) Hijinks from Hobie Fishing Worlds 6, caught on camera for Hobie... weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingToday is your last chance to sign up for the 2017 Hobie Bass Open before the price goes up to $125. weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingWhile kayak fishing in Panama, Hobie team members encountered giant manta rays. A different kind of #MonsterMonday. weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingKevin Workman's favorite three spring baits: 1) The finesse jig. 2) A frog or other topwater. 3) A big crankbait... weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingBeauty is all around us when we're fishing. Here's a pretty picture from Eric Allee of the Hobie Fishing Team. weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingTHIS gets us up in the morning and keeps us out until sundown. Photo of Benton Parrott by Brandy Marsh, Gulf... weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingTake a kayak fishing trip to exotic Panama with Salty Shore's Sam Root. He covers EVERY detail. weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingIt isn't fishing but it is cool, literally. Wildlife videographer Rick Rosenthal swam in 35-degree water in... weeks ago

From surf to stream, we’ll take you on a chase, up close and personal, for today’s most popular gamefish or that perfect wave.  This is Hobie country!  We’ll cover the tips, tactics, and techniques for the ultimate kayaking experience as we embrace the abundant opportunities the water has to offer.

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