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Hobie FishingHobie FishingWe're calling this one #WahooWednesday. Check out Hobie Fishing Team Member David Eglas' 53-pounder! #HobieWayofLife hours ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingHappy Mahi Monday! #HobieWayofLife #bigbluekayakfishing [photos by Raf Vargas]2 days ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingNow is the time to get in on some exciting pike action, and Hobie Fishing Top Gun Shawn Barham shows you how--->... days ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingThat's how you scrub the flats...TEAMWORK! #kayakfishing #HobieWayofLife [photo by Hobie Fishing Team Member... days ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingWho LIKES a night bite? #Hobiefishing #HobieWayofLife [photos by Hobie Fishing Team Member Justin Aller]5 days ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingHere's a clip from the "Weird and Pretty Cool" files! Hobie UK fishing team member Ian "Dizzyfish" Harris... week ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingIf you're a big bass fan, watch as Hobie Fishing Top Gun Kevin Workman spills the secrets on fishing with... week ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingTargeting the crappie bite is a springtime must-do. Are you in? Hobie Fishing Team Top Gun Jef Brewer and his... week ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingTo all the great fish we've caught over the years...SALUTE! #HobieWayofLife #kayakfishing weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingThat "PLINK" looks to have promise! #kayakfishing #HobieFishing [thanks to Hobie Fishing Team Member Grant Alvis... weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingHere's how they get it done across The Pond with no trucks and no trailers! #Hobieownersingenuity #whateverittakes weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingIs a tarpon on your #kayakfishing bucket list? Here's a teaser ---> #hobiefishing weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingThere you go... #HobieKayak fan Ed Wood has 8 decades under his hat and he's STILL hauling them in! #HobieWayofLife weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingWe've all taken that "first cast" at some point. If you or a friend is ready to experience the advantages and the... weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingEveryone appreciates a little rigging help! #HobieWayofLife weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingNow that's an adrenaline rush! If you could go anywhere in the world and take your #HobieKayak with you, where... weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingWish every day could end like this! Do you agree? #HobieWayofLife #kayakfishing weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingHobie Fishing Top Gun Jef Brewer pulled in this #BigFishFriday's hog. Where are you heading this weekend?... weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingThe fourth annual Hobie Bass Open, presented by Kentucky Lake Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, will take place at... weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingAre you ready for the big bass bite to begin? We are! #HobieFishing #springbassin [photo by Hobie Fishing Top Gun... weeks ago

From surf to stream, we’ll take you on a chase, up close and personal, for today’s most popular gamefish or that perfect wave.  This is Hobie country!  We’ll cover the tips, tactics, and techniques for the ultimate kayaking experience as we embrace the abundant opportunities the water has to offer.

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