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Hobie FishingHobie Fishingkayak fishing has always been about breaking off on your own... until now... grab nine of your friends and head... day ago
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Hobie FishingHobie FishingIntroducing a bait so effective, it will have the bass eating right from your hands! #HobieFishing weeks ago
Hobie FishingHobie FishingMichael Iaconelli's cool show Going Ike hit the water in kayaks for their season finale. Skip to the 15 minute... weeks ago

From surf to stream, we’ll take you on a chase, up close and personal, for today’s most popular gamefish or that perfect wave.  This is Hobie country!  We’ll cover the tips, tactics, and techniques for the ultimate kayaking experience as we embrace the abundant opportunities the water has to offer.

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