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Jackie and Ray Finn own and operate a professional nuisance animal removal company with their home base in the State of Florida.  Their specialty is the removal of wild feral hogs, alligators and coyote, but includes small nuisance animals like opossum, raccoon and snakes. 

Jackie and Ray lead their team which is predominately females, alluring females, who were taught as young children to hunt, fish and shoot. Most of the team were raised country, and have joined Hog Dawgs to assist in the nuisance animal removals.  Client jobs take place on cattle ranches and farms, with Hog Dawgs mobilizing trucks, ATV’s and airboats to meet the clients need.  The woods and swamps are no match for the Hog Dawgs team.  There’s always danger of snakes and alligators or even being ambushed by a monster feral hog in the Florida swamps. 

Retired Florida Fish and Wildlife expert of 35 years, Captain Wayne King is on hand for site visits and to provide Hog Dawgs assistance with the State laws for nuisance animal control. 

And it’s always a competition at the gun range trying out new equipment and honing their skills. 

And of course, living in Florida there are fishing trips, in bikini’s that is! 

Follow HOG DAWGS day to day action packed adventures on the job and sharing time with family and friends.

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Tuesdays at 10:00 PM

Ray Finn & Jackie Porter-Finn
Ray Finn is a television personality, former city mayor and co-founder of Hog Dawgs after retiring from his heavy equipment construction life of 35 years.  He is an avid sportsman; growing up fishing from New England to Florida with five brothers.  He is the son of a large city police chief; his siblings with family members in both law enforcement and fire (one being the current Boston Fire Commissioner).  Ray naturally acquired the passion for shooting firearms safely and heads to the gun range often. His personality is large and pushes himself and the team endlessly to get the job at hand completed for Hog Dawgs clients.  Ray’s skills operating any piece of large or small construction equipment prove necessary in every aspect on the job with Hog Dawgs.   Whether mobilizing large animal traps or equipment, to clearing property and cleaning ponds for ranches and farms, Ray has his sites on the next nuisance animal relocation. During development of many construction projects in Florida, Ray has dealt with removal and relocation of alligators and hundreds of wild feral hogs.  Jackie Porter-Finn is a television personality, former elected official and co-founder of Hog Dawgs after retiring from her corporate life of 30 years.  She owned and operated a multi-million dollar corporation of retail plant nurseries and garden centers in the State of Florida.  As the CEO of her own corporation, Jackie was hands-on in every aspect of the daily operations from finances, global purchasing, national advertising and marketing, retail and wholesale operations.  With years of experience in the agriculture industry, Jackie dealt with feral hogs rooting up fields and destroying woody ornamental and tree crops at her wholesale plant growing farm operations.  She knows the damage these feral hogs can do to pasture grasses, sod farms and agriculture crops throughout the State.  Jackie was born and raised in rural Florida growing up country with four sisters.  Learning to water ski in the back waters of Florida gives you much respect for the danger alligators and snakes can be while on the job at Hog Dawgs.   She can dress for success in a business suit with high heels, to blue jeans at the gun range, to camouflage apparel in the swamp and woods.