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Hollywood HunterWhat a season! The weather has been incredible and the elk encounters just keep getting better. We are in high gear… https://t.co/Bttac1sUzj
Hollywood HunterWHAT DO YOU THINK THIS ONE WILL SCORE?! After passing on a 300 bull and then letting a 330 bull get away from us th… https://t.co/9Eq42AxLQn
Hollywood HunterWhat a fantastic couple of weeks we’ve had with dear friends in the outdoors, making memories, telling campfire sto… https://t.co/1rwlWpRaEb
Hollywood HunterWhat a fantastic couple of weeks we’ve had with dear friends in the outdoors, making memories, telling campfire sto… https://t.co/zCQJIMw1Nz
Hollywood HunterAwesome awesome morning with my main man Daniel Borrego trujillo_creek_outfitters - We closed the distance on this… https://t.co/vkhUoTcmJg
Hollywood HunterOut field testing the new #SkopedVision equipment by @phoneskope - awesome product! Another great invention to help… https://t.co/EFxHwaH4GU
Hollywood HunterI’m speechless for the way this hunt came together! A huge shoutout to trophyhuntingadventures and Dave & Mike Garr… https://t.co/BHC4AqwQhh
Hollywood HunterWe’re on day 3 of the hunt with a close encounter this morning, but think we may have been winded before getting ey… https://t.co/7Bgm0BIxKs
Hollywood HunterWatching some #HollywoodHunter (in South Africa episode with @frikkiedut and friends ) on @pursuitchannel with the… https://t.co/8xNTdOHXye
Hollywood HunterWhat an amazing place!!!! Still in pursuit for the bull, but I’m certainly soaking in every minute of this scenery.… https://t.co/n9egUeRovj

After officially departing his busy life in Hollywood, Freddy Harteis is submerging himself back into becoming a full time country boy. Follow along as the action continues in pursuing the thrills of Big Game hunting. This Pennsylvania native is constantly on the move and is on a mission to share his passion for hunting in God’s great outdoors; a thrilling sport that gives back. This season is packed with adventure! Tune in to see the realities unfold through the heart of the hunt.

Freddy Harteis
Freddy has been a professional hunter, passionate outdoorsman, conservationist and television personality/producer for more than a decade. He has guided & hosted adventures on the Harteis Ranch; a spectacular hunting outfit located in southern Colorado. Freddy’s personal hunting experiences include travel to the remotest, wildest and most beautiful reaches of the world. He is a world class archer and has brought down some of the worlds most dangerous game with just his stick and string.

Freddy has successfully produced and hosted the Hollywood Hunter television series for the past nine years and only plans to continue forward with the quality of his productions. He is currently traveling across the U.S. teaching kids and adults about the ethics behind hunting and giving back to the land.  He enjoys working with non-profits like The Tiegen Foundation, American Heart Association, Fathers In The Field, The Way Outfitters, and is the founder of the Big Fred Tribute (an annual bird hunt and auctions event) which has raised more than $100,000 for charity as a way to give back through our outdoor industry by creating unique hunting experiences for wounded veterans and terminally ill children.  “It’s the heart of the hunt that matters most.” Freddy says.