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The KT DiariesClient Cody Scott started the day with this kingfish and then jumped his first tarpon a couple of hours later....
The KT DiariesIt was a tough choice. Had a hard time saying no to the tricolor. This little male grabbed my heart. Meet 8 week...
The KT DiariesIt was really nice getting back to my fly-fishing roots this summer. Filmed two days on the Wyoming stretch of...
The KT DiariesBeautiful day on the water with client Hunter Harlow
The KT DiariesI have it narrowed down to these two. Any opinions? — feeling thoughtful
The KT DiariesIts puppy time again. Having a hard time making a choice. Which one of these little setters would you choose?
The KT DiariesMore of Les Merriam's Tarpon in POC
The KT DiariesI posted a new video to Facebook
The KT DiariesI posted a new video to Facebook

Hosted by Kevin Townsend (KT), a seasoned fly-fisherman and upland bird hunter who is always accompanied by his English Setter, Rio, and supported by his Australian-born female assistant, Friday, who coordinates and tantalizes both guests and viewers with her unique Aussie outdoor sensibilities. Each week, the KT Diaries presents authentic and exciting fishing and hunting action with informative instruction, insightful environmental issues and the subtle lessons nature’s handiwork teaches us about life.

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Kevin Townsend
A move to Texas brought an opportunity that KT had only dreamed of. The chance to share his passion with others through the art of filmmaking. KT teamed up with London Broadcasting through 41 Entertainment and The KT Diaries was born. KT says, “The concept is really pretty simple. I want to share the sights, the sounds, and the stories that are born from my passion for the outdoors. There is a story in every hunting or fishing trip. You just have to recognize it. Many of life’s lesson can be learned in the field or on the water. It is where I feel the closest to the one who made it all possible: Our Father in Heaven.”