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#Walleye where you don’t expect them. Change up tactics & #catchmorefish here http://t.co/2Uf0KU9Ofc http://t.co/yQEWXMBhXG
How many of you eat #bass? If so, how do you prepare it? #grill #bake #deepfry #sauté
I'll only be fishing a few hours... #LiesMenTell
My #Carolinarig fishes fast through the most dense cover. Check out the technique here http://t.co/JdA2m1EiKL http://t.co/JroHQzhmMw
What line do you prefer to use with shallow running #crankbaits? Here’s my opinion http://t.co/Uc1weiPXZ2 http://t.co/rjnAkS5BuK
The @BerkleyFishing Ripple Shad is the perfect #swimbait. Read the #LakeCommando overview here http://t.co/3k6jZvzkFE http://t.co/r4x6nKGWxC
Catch #walleye when your buddies can’t. Weeds and walleye tactics here http://t.co/Z7To6hYUjT #catchmorefish http://t.co/moDbI0MRXe


What happens when two expert anglers are dumped on an unfamiliar body of water, each with a goal to catch the most fish? That includes no pre-fishing and the conflict of being on unfamiliar water. Well, we call that Going Commando.

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Steve Pennaz
Steve is one of the most trusted voices in fishing. From 1988 until 2012, he lead communications for the North American Fishing Club, including North American Fisherman magazine, fishingclub.com and the club’s daily enewsletter Fishin’ Informer. He’s also hosted several television series, including North American Outdoors , North American Fisherman , and Fishing Club Journal . Pennaz launched Knot Wars, now a successful app on iPhone and Droid. He excels at finding and catching fish on new waters, a skill that now drives Lake Commandos.