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One of our Facebook fans sent us pictures of their brand new Ranger Boats Z118C. We spent the day drooling over... http://t.co/mOIaLAx7y6
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Would you like some salad with that....? How many times has this happened to you? 3 pounds of bass with 50 pounds... http://t.co/bSDd9RNCgp
Only a couple hours left for this weeks WIN WHAT WORKS. Cure those Monday blues by winning some awesome gear.... http://t.co/pZT7GJgGq7
NEW EPISODE!! Host Steve Pennaz and Mark McQuown, of Garmin, fish pressured bass on several East Coast waters.... http://t.co/16ZL4qj4hG


What happens when two expert anglers are dumped on an unfamiliar body of water, each with a goal to catch the most fish? That includes no pre-fishing and the conflict of being on unfamiliar water. Well, we call that Going Commando.

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Steve Pennaz
Steve is one of the most trusted voices in fishing. From 1988 until 2012, he lead communications for the North American Fishing Club, including North American Fisherman magazine, fishingclub.com and the club’s daily enewsletter Fishin’ Informer. He’s also hosted several television series, including North American Outdoors , North American Fisherman , and Fishing Club Journal . Pennaz launched Knot Wars, now a successful app on iPhone and Droid. He excels at finding and catching fish on new waters, a skill that now drives Lake Commandos.