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Larysa SwitlykThat time I was catching fish with fruit in the Amazon ~ these guys are jumpers and fighters!… hours ago
Larysa SwitlykThat time bowhuntress88 and I went muntjac hunting in #greatbritain filming with #fieldsportstv hours ago
Larysa SwitlykRT @TeamWON: Detail Company Adventures Welcomes Larysa Switlyk as Big Game and Fishing Specialist @DetailCompany @…3 days ago
Larysa SwitlykOld Male muntjac with one antler- he was a fighter! Amazing to hear them bark at you!… days ago
Larysa SwitlykDetail Company Adventures Welcomes Larysa Switlyk as Big Game and Fishing Specialist via @teamwon1 week ago
Larysa SwitlykMissing my partners in crime ~ jennagearing_sculpture And bowhuntress88 But will have memories… week ago
Larysa SwitlykFirst time hunting with the new diamondback ramcatbroadheads and they are deadly...literally!… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykPlaying the wind and scent is extremely important while bow hunting ~ definitely helped me be… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykGreat accomplishment ~ Gredos Ibex with a bow in Spain! Thanks fran_corju for a wonderful hunt!!… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykWhat happens when you leave your phone laying around .... I become your backdrop 😂 fran_corju… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykMy first big game animal ever was a female fallow deer and now I have a male ~ incredible stalk… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykFallow deer down thanks to the spartanprecision #shootingsticks #spartanbipods #unitedkingdom weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykNothing better then driving about 8 hours round trip to go look at some really old stones ...but… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykGo check out @babes_bucks page and give my photo a like ! Follow them for some great female… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykChecking out the Buckingham Palace ~ doing something non hunting related for the first time this… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykJet lagged ? No problem- I've learned to take a nap anywhere these days - even if it's in the… weeks ago
Larysa Switlyk#TBT #throwbackthursday to my #blesbok in #Africa thanks to my @nightforceoptx ~ last animal I… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykName this species of deer ! - Hint: they are originally from South Asia and are the oldest… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykOur roe deer hunt will be on Fieldsports Channel TV tonight~ American Huntresses Unleashed in… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykSince roe deer are such a small species of deer, quick and easy to gut but even easier with the… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykAmerican huntresses doubled up on roe deer here in the United Kingdom! What an amazing… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykNothing better than some wet kisses for congratulations on your roe deer here in the U.K. -… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykThe working cocker spaniel is just as surprised as I am for running into robhughes7512 in… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykWas told the best way to get over jet lag is to stay awake so we be out at an English Pub in… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykGood news - I got upgraded to first class.... Bad news - about 95% sure one of my bags didn't… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykIf you guessed bow- you were wrong! Getting some range time in with my AR15 ~ freedommunitions… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykCan anyone guess what toy is in my @skbcases ? #rangeday #pewpew #skb #skbcases #larysaunleashed weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykJust feeding the pet #crocodile at the floating house a piece of my piranha - no big deal. #notreallyapet #amazon weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykRT @SOGKnives: The indomitable @LSwitlyk on a successfull hunt with her SOG Huntspoint! #SOGknives #TakePoint http…4 weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykPacu- related to the piranha. Strong crazy fighting fish that jump and does aerobatics! So much… weeks ago

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Feel the thrill and adrenaline along with the real emotions when Larysa battles her next adventure. Whether she’s out hunting, fishing, diving, bowfishing, spear fishing, or trying something new, you will be put in the heart of the action. Get ready to unleashed your wild side with Larysa as she ventures off to striking destinations encountering the experiences of a life time and bringing YOU with her! Larysa Switlyk understands the complexities of the outdoors, and she’s making it her mission to absorb as much of it as possible. This show is an entertaining and adventurous vehicle for viewers to experience it alongside her, as she learns the importance of conservation, heritage and the true reason people hunt and fish. She wants to unleash us all!

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Tuesdays at 12:30 PM

Larysa Switlyk
Larysa Switlyk, grew up with three older brothers and a fear of guns. Yet, her upbringing taught her to be strong, courageous and not afraid to try anything. A mixture of a tomboy and model, Larysa is competitive, engaging and adventurous. She earned her bachelor’s and master‘s degrees in accounting in just four years, and promptly landed a CPA job in New York City. However, she quickly realized she wasn’t a city girl. A gut feeling told her something was missing in her life.

Understanding how complex hunting and fishing is, and how much there is to learn, Larysa made it her goal to absorb as much as possible about the outdoors and how to conserve and protect it. Now she wants to provide an entertaining and adventurous vehicle for viewers to experience and learn alongside her the importance of conservation, heritage and the true reason people hunt and fish. She wants to unleash us all