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Larysa SwitlykLove seeing other hardcore female anglers… days ago
Larysa Switlyk💥💥New Episode 💥💥 Tuesday 4:30 pm on @LSwitlyk on pursuitchannel I… week ago
Larysa SwitlykExploring around Bakers Bay after all day fishing recapping the past… week ago
Larysa SwitlykOn the board with a white marlin ~ week ago
Larysa SwitlykFishing this weekend at the Baker’s Bay Invitational in the Bahamas… week ago
Larysa SwitlykI don’t get to enjoy the beach often but when I do I go all out 😇 @… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykYou know you have real friends when they hold their plane for you… weeks ago
Larysa Switlyk💥💥 New Episode of @LSwitlyk Today💥💥 at 4:30 pm on the pursuitchannel… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykCan you guess which is my favorite @bigandrich song is ?? 😇🐴🤠… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykThe @stagarms match perfectly with my @LSwitlyk Signature Series wsisports… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykWhose a fan of Ted Nugent ? tednugentofficial nraam2018 weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykAbsolutely love the collaboration of @vegasforge and @CarolinaArmsGrp !!!… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykWho else is enjoying the @nra annual meeting ? #nraam18 #nraam nraam2018… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykGuess who’s in Dallas for the NRA Annual Meeting ??!! Who else is here ??… weeks ago
Larysa Switlyk#TBT ~ Whose interested in coming high volume dove hunting with me next year… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykWho else is nocturnal ?? Well sometimes don’t have a choice ~ 4 am green… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykNever done shooting drills before but glad gunwerks pushed my abilities. I… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykNothing beats taking what I learned and applying it to hunting scenarios ~ taking advantage of… weeks ago
Larysa Switlyk#moosemonday ~ tomorrow at 4:30 pm EST on @LSwitlyk the pursuitchannel I’m hunting Moose in… weeks ago
Larysa Switlyk#SheepSunday ~ Exploring near Yellowstone and stopped to count some sheep ! 🐑🐏🐑🐏 weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykLove hearing impact on the steel out to 1300-1400 yards but feels way better understanding all… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykWho taught you how to shoot ? Learning stuff about guns and such at gunwerks ~ always trying… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykWhose headed to the NRA Annual Meetings in Dallas, Texas Next Week?? I will be there walking… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykWho out there has a Grand Slam , Royal Slam , Or a World Slam of Turkeys ? Only one left to… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykAs most of you know already I’m definitely into “ guys with beards “ 🤓🤤 weeks ago
Larysa Switlyk💥 BAM 💥 Nice Spurs on this Rio Grande Gobbler !! weeks ago
Larysa Switlyk🦃 + @skbcases = 🔫& @LSwitlyk 😁! weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykTag your hunting buddies ~ Here is My hunting entourage in Kyrgyzstan hunting mid-asian ibex !… weeks ago
Larysa Switlyk“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail ...”… weeks ago
Larysa SwitlykAdmiring my first Rio Grande Turkey in Texas ~ finally got one of these stubborn birds !… weeks ago

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Feel the thrill and adrenaline along with the real emotions when Larysa battles her next adventure. Whether she’s out hunting, fishing, diving, bowfishing, spear fishing, or trying something new, you will be put in the heart of the action. Get ready to unleashed your wild side with Larysa as she ventures off to striking destinations encountering the experiences of a life time and bringing YOU with her! Larysa Switlyk understands the complexities of the outdoors, and she’s making it her mission to absorb as much of it as possible. This show is an entertaining and adventurous vehicle for viewers to experience it alongside her, as she learns the importance of conservation, heritage and the true reason people hunt and fish. She wants to unleash us all!

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Tuesdays at 12:30 PM

Larysa Switlyk
Larysa Switlyk, grew up with three older brothers and a fear of guns. Yet, her upbringing taught her to be strong, courageous and not afraid to try anything. A mixture of a tomboy and model, Larysa is competitive, engaging and adventurous. She earned her bachelor’s and master‘s degrees in accounting in just four years, and promptly landed a CPA job in New York City. However, she quickly realized she wasn’t a city girl. A gut feeling told her something was missing in her life.

Understanding how complex hunting and fishing is, and how much there is to learn, Larysa made it her goal to absorb as much as possible about the outdoors and how to conserve and protect it. Now she wants to provide an entertaining and adventurous vehicle for viewers to experience and learn alongside her the importance of conservation, heritage and the true reason people hunt and fish. She wants to unleash us all