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LOATV ShowLOATV ShowGood morning from Empire!! LOATV with Ms. Louisiana! #plaqueminesparishtourism #onlylouisiana #saltgrassoutdoors https://t.co/w36S27OV9G
LOATV ShowLOATV ShowNot a bad triple. One on a She Dog one on a Fat Boy and the other on a MirrOdine in Big Lake! Nice start to the mor… https://t.co/uCBJuMSMC0
LOATV ShowLOATV ShowGood morning from Hackberry! #visitlakecharles https://t.co/q0votfRWsm
LOATV ShowLOATV ShowGood morning from Delacroix. #enjoystbernard #onlylouisiana https://t.co/tczI5ayaKo
LOATV ShowLOATV ShowGood morning from the lodges at Stella Plantation in Braithwaite, LA #plaqueminesparishtourism #onlylouisiana https://t.co/cbsE2PQnYQ
LOATV ShowLOATV ShowGood morning from The Chandeleur Islander. #onlylouisiana #enjoystbernard https://t.co/HfqETClBfj
LOATV ShowLOATV ShowGood morning from the Islander https://t.co/8ylrFLVKiS
LOATV ShowLOATV ShowWe are spending the next three days at The Chandeleur Islander shooting LOATV. Easy access to where the Islander is… https://t.co/aMDrjOX0mF

Youtube logoLOATV highlights the great inshore and offshore saltwater fishing in Louisiana. Show host Kevin Ford and producer Joey Bordelon put viewers in the boat for a weekly adventure in the best saltwater fishery in America. We show viewers where and how to catch fish with some of the top guides and outfitters in Louisiana. From redfish and speckled trout crushing topwater baits to drag screaming yellowfin tuna, LOATV shows you the best saltwater fishing in the world.

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Tuesdays at 5:00 PM
Thursdays at 8:00 AM
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Sundays at 3:00 PM

Kevin Ford
Kevin Ford is a Louisiana native who has hosted outdoor television since 2000. Ford grew up fishing the brackish water marshes near his hometown of New Orleans and has a true passion for fishing and promoting the unlimited fishing opportunities in south Louisiana. Ford also hosts the weekly Louisiana Outdoor Adventures Radio Show and is in his 28th year as part of The LSU Sports Radio Networks Broadcast Team for football and basketball.