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Mark PetersonMark PetersonSticking with my muzzleloader themed week, have you ever wondered how to be more consistent with your muzzleloader?… days ago
Mark PetersonMark PetersonHuge congrats to Stephon M, he arrowed this giant Whitetail this morning in Kansas with Salt River Outfitters!!!… days ago
Mark PetersonMark PetersonWatch the Kansas Whitetail hunt? Interested in knowing what to pack for a hunt like this? Check out my pack list vi… days ago
Mark PetersonMark PetersonNew film is Live, check out the link below!!! I’m with Salt River Outfitters in Kansas for early muzzleloader seaso… days ago
Mark PetersonMark PetersonNew film is Live, check out the link below!!! Salt River Outfitters in Kansas for early season Muzzleloader. Worldwide Trophy Adventures7 days ago
Mark PetersonMark PetersonAnybody in search of a muzzleloader, head over to my YouTube page and check out the review I just did on Gunwerks m… week ago
Mark PetersonMark PetersonWhat an amazing morning in Saskatchewan, on the way out this morning we did a quick audible and switched where we w… weeks ago
Mark PetersonMark PetersonSo excited to share the first of many new digital episodes on my YouTube page! Felt fitting that the first hunt sha… weeks ago
Mark PetersonMark Petersonhave been watching his guy and another big Tom for the last week and caught that they have been roosting in the sam… weeks ago
Mark PetersonMark PetersonAn awesome old bruiser blacktail to end a great trip in the Southwest corner of Oregon. We had glassed up this buc… weeks ago
Mark PetersonMark PetersonOregon hasn’t disappointed, The terrain and area we are hunting is amazing. The rut is rolling and we have lost tr… month ago
Mark PetersonMark PetersonGreat first night glassing for Blacktail’s in the rolling hills of Oregon. We saw a bunch of bucks, 2 good ones th… month ago
Mark PetersonMark PetersonThe Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops Club SOA trip in South Dakota is off to a great start!!! #rooster 📸 Adam Bender1 month ago
Mark PetersonMark PetersonEric and his dad had a heck of trip to BC’s north country hunting Canadian moose, Congrats Guys!!!!1 month ago
Mark PetersonMark PetersonCongratulations to Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife on your one year anniversary! Check out this video featuring… months ago
Mark PetersonMark PetersonDogs come into our life to teach us about love, they depart to teach us about loss... it was a tough afternoon at o… months ago

Expedition Series takes viewers across the high seas and over the tallest peaks in search of the outdoor experiences that drive them.
Hosted by Mark Peterson, the show goes beyond the trophies to the quest for something more, by plugging into the cultures and personalities that make these exotic locations so special. From Alaska to Pakistan and many more unique locations in between, Mark hunts for adventure and a deeper understanding of some of the most sought-after game species and challenging locations across the world. This up close and personal account of Mark’s adventurous spirit breaks the mold, fusing travel, hunting and exploration like no series
ever has.

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Mondays at 7:30 AM
Wednesdays at 8:00 PM

Mark Peterson
Mark Peterson is the definition of big game hunter. The trophies he goes after aren’t only found in the backyard, they are also found in the most remote stretches of the earth. From the desolate landscapes of the far corners of Australia, to elevations upwards of 15,000 feet searching for the elusive blue sheep. His passion for trophy hunting started at a very early age, and eventually led him to his full-time occupation as owner of Worldwide Trophy Adventures (WTA), a booking and consulting agency for hunters in search of their own dream trophy. Mark grew up in Oceana County, near Lake Michigan. For the past 18 years, his hunts have continued in his home state, but have since expanded to locations across the globe.