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Love of the Hunt TVIf you are looking for a great boning knife check out the Real Flex series from @oeknives Outdoor Edge Knives. Flex… https://t.co/Kt747wqLQe
Love of the Hunt TVGod Bless the American Farmer! All beef, pork and poultry SHOULD be grown right here in the good ol USA. Let's supp… https://t.co/9y5DOxJDP8
Love of the Hunt TVKoola Buck game bags. New 5 pack bags rolling up today! koolabuck https://t.co/YyClsFgWPp
Love of the Hunt TVAmerican Made Should mean something to everyone hunter, its our way of life, our heritage, our history, passed down… https://t.co/U4mfjHBKpu
Love of the Hunt TVMy groundhog hunting buddy is ready to go! spraying some food plots! She loves it when they try to run away. https://t.co/2gqYlZpM3Z
Love of the Hunt TVGreat morning in the PA woods! First PA Double right here. https://t.co/yoIMu5wskC
Love of the Hunt TVAnd just like that, Spring turkey 2020 is over. Can't travel to other states thanks to COVID 19. https://t.co/IoUXM5OIY4
Love of the Hunt TVNow thats a venison burger! Burgers about 1" thick, bun, slab of onion, slice of cheese and some greens! Charcoal o… https://t.co/B9IsDs5nsf
Love of the Hunt TVI like this! Sounds like something to try. I like the cling wrap idea! Worth a try! https://t.co/q2L1V44Uu1
Love of the Hunt TVHow long do you season your steaks before you take them to the grill?? Season and go? Or season and wait? https://t.co/oC6unvVB7G

The Love of the Hunt team hunts to eat and eats what they hunt. Enjoy great hunting and game processing each week on Outdoor Edge’s Love of the Hunt TV. Great entertainment and great information about processing your harvest!

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Brad & Sheri Lockwood
Brad & Sheri Lockwood from Brookville Pa were raised in hunting country where they learned at a young age that this tradition and heritage is not defined as a sport, sport requires a winner and a loser, in hunting there is no winner or loser. Hunting is not about the length of a beard or the size of a rack.. It’s all about the Love of the Hunt.