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Love of the Hunt TVThe @BradleySmoker was filled to the max today! Summer sausage and snack sticks! Tasty, tasty!! @himtnjerky
Love of the Hunt TVCongrats to Parker Fleming on a great PA Buck! Way to go buddy! @PSEBows all that practice payed off!
Love of the Hunt TVSo true. If trump said the earth was round the argument would begin!
Love of the Hunt TVTable full of fresh elk meat! Time to start grinding and smoking @oeknives @WestonProducts @himtnjerky
Love of the Hunt TVThe new @oeknives Outdoor Edge Wild-Lite working on some elk! #Tasty #Itspartofthehunt #thegameprocessor
Love of the Hunt TVI need this mountain in my house!! Be great!
Love of the Hunt TV3 more cooler systems charged and heading out the door!
Love of the Hunt TVI think I need a new pistol! What a beast of a gun! Love it!
Love of the Hunt TVGreen Top Sporting Goods VA 70th anniversary! Stop by seminar is at 5pm @WestonProducts @himtnjerky @oeknives

The Love of the Hunt team hunts to eat and eats what they hunt. Enjoy great hunting and game processing each week on Outdoor Edge’s Love of the Hunt TV. Great entertainment and great information about processing your harvest!

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Brad & Sheri Lockwood
Brad & Sheri Lockwood from Brookville Pa were raised in hunting country where they learned at a young age that this tradition and heritage is not defined as a sport, sport requires a winner and a loser, in hunting there is no winner or loser. Hunting is not about the length of a beard or the size of a rack.. It’s all about the Love of the Hunt.