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Love of the Hunt TVBriley is looking at a few gobblers in his crazy giant Bino’s!! 🤣😂 Having a blast hunting with this young man, grea…
Love of the Hunt TVMany of us will be sharing this feeling very soon, nothing like it.
Love of the Hunt TVOut scouting some birds with my youth hunter! Ready to give one a good dirt nap!!
Love of the Hunt TV🤣😂 I love it! Ah young Daniel, hold buck out here, make horns look much bigger!! 😂
Love of the Hunt TVIt’s time to load up on the mineral blocks! Deer need all they can get right now! Who’s feeding what? Trophy rock?…
Love of the Hunt TVYou can always count of Forest to tell it like it is! Pretty much says it all. 2nd Amendment to the end!
Love of the Hunt TVMy good buddy Brian sending me all these great finishing pics! Man I’d love to hit the stream right now! Unfortunat…
Love of the Hunt TVI’m ready to fill the Koola Buck JR portable walk-in with spring gobbler breast’s!! Deer, Elk, turkeys! String’em u…
Love of the Hunt TVCongrats to the HeadHunter team! Tagging birds in Florida already!
Love of the Hunt TVGod Bless the USA! The morning couldn’t be any better with the sun shining and old glory flying on the front porch.

The Love of the Hunt team hunts to eat and eats what they hunt. Enjoy great hunting and game processing each week on Outdoor Edge’s Love of the Hunt TV. Great entertainment and great information about processing your harvest!

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Brad & Sheri Lockwood
Brad & Sheri Lockwood from Brookville Pa were raised in hunting country where they learned at a young age that this tradition and heritage is not defined as a sport, sport requires a winner and a loser, in hunting there is no winner or loser. Hunting is not about the length of a beard or the size of a rack.. It’s all about the Love of the Hunt.