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Love of the Hunt TVMan there are some amazing guns over here in Europe! Beautiful artwork, that’s all inlaid gold!
Love of the Hunt TVSo much complaining about separating kids at the boarder from their parents but late term abortion is just fine...?…
Love of the Hunt TVSo much truth right there! Never thought of it that way! @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr
Love of the Hunt TVLet this dude run! Trump will rip him up. He says opioids are a crisis but the boarder wall isn’t! Well Mr Genius w…
Love of the Hunt TVSooooo much truth right here in one post! What we the people don’t understand is they can’t let Trump succeed. If h…
Love of the Hunt TVNothing like hearing him busting through the trees hot on the trail of a doe! No feeling like it!
Love of the Hunt TVTough game man! Great defense on both sides of the ball!
Love of the Hunt TVLittle music jam in Phoenix! Dude can pick that guitar!
Love of the Hunt TVSpreading the products into the farm and ranch market! Now Outdoor Edge knives, Koola Buck products and Viper Arche…

The Love of the Hunt team hunts to eat and eats what they hunt. Enjoy great hunting and game processing each week on Outdoor Edge’s Love of the Hunt TV. Great entertainment and great information about processing your harvest!

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Brad & Sheri Lockwood
Brad & Sheri Lockwood from Brookville Pa were raised in hunting country where they learned at a young age that this tradition and heritage is not defined as a sport, sport requires a winner and a loser, in hunting there is no winner or loser. Hunting is not about the length of a beard or the size of a rack.. It’s all about the Love of the Hunt.