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Love of the Hunt TVHand carved wood decoys! Amazing talent I'm telling ya! So real I thought they were mounts!
Love of the Hunt TVFall plots are all finished up! Love Biologic Full Draw! Wheat, Brassica, clover! Can't beat it! @MossyOak
Love of the Hunt TVThanks George! Appreciate the complement.
Love of the Hunt TVIts a must have anymore. The hunting seasons keep getting warmer, it costs a fortune to get an animal processed. So…
Love of the Hunt TVGood morning everyone! One beautiful sunrise closer to bow season! It's hard to look at views like that and not rea…
Love of the Hunt TVLooks like another warm fall Dont get stuck with a fresh harvest on a HOT day 29F in the Koola Buck PRO!Get yours a…
Love of the Hunt TVBrady filling up the stringer with some tasty frog legs! @Lumenok_Guy thanks for a great time! #Lumenok #lightemup
Love of the Hunt TVThe NEW Hide Ripper by Koola Buck Rips the Hide right off your deer! Quick, clean and easy! Assembles in minutes!…
Love of the Hunt TVGot ya. I spent 25 years in packing plants. I know the farming world pretty well. I agree all kids should see how m…

The Love of the Hunt team hunts to eat and eats what they hunt. Enjoy great hunting and game processing each week on Outdoor Edge’s Love of the Hunt TV. Great entertainment and great information about processing your harvest!

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Brad & Sheri Lockwood
Brad & Sheri Lockwood from Brookville Pa were raised in hunting country where they learned at a young age that this tradition and heritage is not defined as a sport, sport requires a winner and a loser, in hunting there is no winner or loser. Hunting is not about the length of a beard or the size of a rack.. It’s all about the Love of the Hunt.