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In today’s busy hectic world we all feel the need to step outdoors to release tension and stress. Shane, a full-time outfitter, knows all too well how stressful life can be. So we created Outdoor Release TV. Shane has always dreamed of sharing his hunts on TV with hopes of opening doors for new and old hunters by showing how achievable these hunts can be. Our promise to you is that we will represent only the companies we believe in and trust in the field. We will highlight and endorse some of the worlds very best outfitters and guides on some of our adventures as well as plenty of DIY action. We encourage you to follow along, step outdoors, release some stress, and enjoy Outdoor Release TV!

Hillbilly Shane
When I was 12 my dad always took us hunting and made sure he showed us the outdoors. That year I shot my first deer and the rest is history! In 1993 I started guiding an still guide as of today. I have a huge love for hunting and the outdoors. I have wanted to hunt as a host since I was a kid and now today I am blessed to do so. I invite you to follow me across the world on my hunts right here on Outdoor Release.
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