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In today’s busy hectic world we all feel the need to step outdoors to release tension and stress. Shane, a full-time outfitter and Scott, a construction fleet manager know all too well how stressful life can be. So we created Outdoor Release TV. Shane and Scott have two different styles of hunting but in the end of the day we want to share our successes and adventures with you. Shane has a more traditional means of hunting much like your average every day hunter and Scott has a hard-core fitness approach to his hunts. Shane has always dreamed of sharing his hunts on TV with hopes of opening doors for new and old hunters by showing how achievable these hunts can be. Scott on the other hand has been inspired by many of today’s hunter athletes. In turn, he has inspired and motivated many everyday hunters to step out of their comfort zones, work hard, and achieve great things through hunter fitness. In the end of the day, you’ll see both successfully enjoy and accomplish many hunts alone, and together. Our promise to you is that we will represent only the companies we believe in and trust in the field. We will highlight and endorse some of the worlds very best outfitters and guides on some of our adventures as well as plenty of DIY action. We encourage you to follow along, step outdoors, release some stress, and enjoy Outdoor Release TV!

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Mondays at 9:00 AM

Hillbilly Shane
When I was 12 my dad always took us hunting and made sure he showed us the outdoors. That year I shot my first deer and the rest is history! In 1993 I started guiding an still guide as of today. I have a huge love for hunting and the outdoors. I have wanted to hunt as a host since I was a kid and now today I am blessed to do so. I invite you to follow me across the world on my hunts right here on Outdoor Release.
Scott Carr
Scott Carr is a humble guy with a truck load of determination. Scott has hunted western big game for over 30 years and has enjoyed many successful adventures through his determination. In December 2013, a very overweight and frustrated Scott decided to make a change. The hunter athlete movement was in full swing and Scott made the decision to jump in with both feet and change his life, and unknown at the time, the lives of many others by training and competing in hunter fitness challenges such as The Train to Hunt Challenge. Scott has since competed very successfully both physically and as an archer in many of these competitions that has translated to some fantastic adventures in the field, filled with tough obstacles he is able to overcome as a hunter athlete himself. It is these adventures Scott wants to share with the viewer and to convey that all things can be done through hard-work and determination. Scott’s goal in sharing these adventures is to inspire others to be courageous, make positive life changes, and enjoy the rewards that come from your own determination and grit!

Scott is blessed like many of us with a loving family, a wonderful wife for 22+ years and three young adult children. His family is very outdoor oriented and very likely will be a part of some of the adventures we share on Outdoor Release TV.