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logo-footerLes Johnson, a farm boy from Nebraska is the host and owner of Predator Quest.  His Quest to hunt predators began over 30 years ago.  In that timeframe, Les began calling predators with a passion and primarily focused on calling coyotes.  

Les enjoys teaching what he knows about calling all predators.   Many tips and techniques can be learned from the action that airs on Predator Quest each week on the Pursuit Channel.

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Fridays at 10:30 PM

Les Johnson
Following along his grandfather’s footsteps at a very young age, Les’s Grandfather, Herbert “Fox” Johnson showed him how to trap muskrat from the many ponds that were found in south-central Nebraska.  Several years later and whenever Fox Johnson felt it was time to teach Les some of the basics of trapping coyotes, Fox gave lifelong knowledge through teaching what Fox had learned throughout the great depression.  “Without the knowledge that I learned from my late Grandfather “Fox”, I would not be near as successful of a Predator Caller that I am today.”  “It has shaped me into who I am and put so many more of life’s lessons right in front of me just from the time in the outdoors.” Competing in many Coyote Calling Competitions throughout the western U.S. during the late 1980’s through 2006, gave Les an opportunity to witness the skills of other predator callers that pursued the same passion for coyotes that he did.  Upon winning numerous Coyote Calling titles, Les shifted his introverted self towards teaching some of the techniques that he had learned from a lifetime in the field through his show, Predator Quest. Predator Quest is now on its 11th year of airing in the U.S. and Canada.  Les is also now putting a lot of everyday type footage and hunts together on his YouTube Channel, Everything Outdoors with Les Johnson.  Along with the show Predator Quest, Les has designed and patented his own line of Predator Calls, writes numerous articles for hunting magazines, owns and operates a retail store for shipping, retail sales, and website sales processing/shipment.   Les also spends a lot of time making personal appearances and trying to put his knowledge in front of people that are willing to learn about Predator Calling.

Join him on his Quest and “Let’s Get to CALLIN!!!”