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pursuit channel homepage logoReaper Outdoors: Survive the Hunt is the first and only Tactical / Hunting / Survival TV show. We live in the field, stay in the field and live off of what we bring in on our backs or find. Our target is our mission and our mission is to Survive. We use Tactical gear / clothes / weapons that make sense for the hunting world. We hunt a targeted animal and are relentless, using our skills as hunters / outdoorsmen and woodsman. We survive the elements, terrain and what Mother Nature throws at us. We show real world survival skills that everyone can use, learn, and practice, believing in being practical. Safety and education is vital to our mission. Every show has an educational and safety pieces that are showcased. 

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Fridays at 7:30 AM
Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
Mondays at 9:00 PM
Wednesdays at 11:30 PM

Ron Bellan

As the host of Reaper Outdoors, Ron Bellan, Call sign “Reaper 01”, has a lifetime of hunting, fishing and survival skills. As a Navy SEAL for over 25 years, he learned a variety of skills that added to his skillset as an outdoorsman and survivalist. He grew up with little money and lived off the land. “We didn’t always have electricity or running water, but we were always clean, warm and had food on the table. Our Parents taught us respect for people and Mother Nature. We learned how to live off the land and to take only what you need and let Mother Nature hold what you need for later. Food, Water and Shelter drive us during the show.” The kill is the final icing on the cake. When we are done we butcher, pack and bring what meat we don’t eat in the field back to our homes and share our bounty. Being a Navy SEAL is a part of who I am, but is not how I define myself. I wear my bird with pride, but utilize my skills learned as a young man and the skills I learn today.