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We are a family oriented hunting show based out of NC.  Watch as the Rut Life TV crew goes after large NC whitetails.  Our show is based upon faith, family and friends passing down the tradition of hunting from generation to generation.  We often self-film as well as team up to film our hunts. All our hunts are fair chase.

Air Timesest
Saturdays at 5:00 AM

Chris Walters
I was raised in a family that loved hunting and fishing and I am a conservationist of the sport as well as of nature. Time spent with my father and grandfather were often centered around activities in the outdoors. Hunting is my passion and the woods are my escape.  It’s where I can see nature come alive as the sun rises and I can share what I see with others. Passing this on to my kids has been a way that we can spend time together.  I started taking a video camera with me just to document my encounters with nature because you never know what nature will throw at you.  It’s been a really cool ride so far.
Jeremy Bullock
I have hunted my entire life and have had a passion for the outdoors.  When I had kids of my own, I passed that passion down to them.  I started filming my kid’s hunts and my own hunts just for the memories to share with family and friends.  Through the sharing of my videos,  my passion turned into a business and Rut Life TV was born.  I have been extremely blessed thoughout this journey to be where I am today, and I thank God for this great opportuniy to be able to continue to be able to share my experiences with others.