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Cross “Dog Whisperer” with “A River Runs Through It,” add shotguns, beautiful places and the camaraderie of the hunt and you’ve got the definitive show on the subject … by passionate participants, for them. Wingshooting USA focuses on the FUN of this great sport and (finally!) honors the dogs that make it all possible. Scott Linden has created a TV show that authentically portrays the upland hunt, from exciting dog work to hunting action … hits and misses and the camaraderie of good friends in the field.  Useful tips and advice ensure you’ll become a better shooter, dog owner and bird hunter … and it’s all offered in an entertaining, engaging style unique to Scott’s shows. If you liked Scott’s “What the Dogs Taught Me,” or “Cast & Blast,” you’ll love Wingshooting USA. 

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Mondays at 1:00 AM
Tuesdays at 8:00 AM
Saturdays at 10:30 PM

Scott Linden

Scott Linden is widely known as one of the foremost media interpreters of outdoor pursuits. His passion for the subject, experience as an educator, performer and writer combine to make the woods and waters an enjoyable experience for everyone. He is the creator and host of Wingshooting USA television series, a popular seminar presenter, and blogger at scottlindenoutdoors.com. Scott’s new book What the Dogs Taught Me was released in June, 2013 from Skyhorse Publishing of New York.