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We hope that you enjoy viewing the North American, Big Game Hunting and Safari videos we post for you here; and we hope you love watching our hunts on the show on TV every week. The crew at Silent Draw Outdoors has recognized the importance of establishing a hunting heritage in our own homes; sharing the belief that we are not only hunters, we are also conservationists with an obligation to manage our land and wildlife for future generations. For this reason Silent Draw Outdoors is a 100% fair chase hunting show. We strive to show you only the reality of hunting, including the good and the bad, and we will do all we can to gain your trust and respect. We want to encourage everyone who enjoys the great outdoors to get their kids out hunting and learning, and we aim to include the kids on as many of our shows and videos as we can! As you come to know us, we hope that our name not only becomes synonymous with bow hunting, big game hunting and amazing videos, but with honesty and integrity as well. Welcome to a new breed of hunting show… and stay with us for this fun and exciting ride!

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Shaine Reece
Shaine was born and raised in the great state of Montana. He learned how to hunt and be a good steward of the land from his father at a very young age. Shaine harvested his first big game animal at the age of 13. Since that first hunt, Shaine’s passion for hunting and spending time in the outdoors has only grown. The life lessons Shaine learned while growing up in the woods from his family and friends are the foundation of his life today. Shaine is an avid hunter, fisherman and sports enthusiast. He considers himself to be a huge adrenaline junkie and believes that no goal is too high to attain. Throughout his life he is always setting new goals, proving that with hard work, any goal can be accomplished. His travels have allowed him to hunt from Alaska to South Africa and many places in between. Shaine has been recognized by some of the biggest companies in the hunting industry and has been documented in many outdoor publications. Shaine believes that hunting isn’t about how big of rack an animal has, but the adventure you have when spending time hunting.