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“The Break” features folks who are NOT professional hunters or professional videographers. We’re just hunters with regular professions. With every “BREAK” we get from our responsibilities of family, work and normal life, we’re hunting and in the outdoors. We Hunt The Break!

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Thursdays at 6:00 AM

Derek Dirnberger
Derek Dirnberger was born and raised in southeast Missouri and has been an avid hunter since his childhood after being introduced to quail hunting by his father in the early 1980’s.  As a boy, you could find Derek in the woods hunting squirrels with his .410 shotgun. As a teenager, well it was a little harder to find him as he could be hunting anything; dove, quail, ducks, geese, turkey, deer or coyote.  If there was an open season, there was a good chance Derek was after that game.  As an adult, Derek still loves all types of hunting, but he has found a passion for hunting whitetails.  It’s a year round obsession that starts with shed hunting, planting food plots, running trail cameras and ending, hopefully, with a tag on a mature buck.