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This past year, High Oaks Hunter and Studio D set out on a mission to find teams to represent all walks of life in the world of hunting.  You see, every hunt and every hunter is different which is what makes the sport so enjoyable for so many different people, and That is what the Climb is all about. The challenges that every hunter faces from applying for tags, securing hunting property, scouting, practicing, or hanging that perfect stand setup, these are all unique to the individual. 

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Mondays at 12:30 AM
Fridays at 9:00 AM

Darin Sims
Darin is owner of Studio D Media.  A full service production and marketing company with a major focus on outdoor television. He founded Studio D with the goal of “redesigning the outdoors”. With over 15 years in design, marketing and business consulting, he brought his talent and experience to the outdoor world and has established himself as a leader in business strategy, design, motion graphics and quality video production. Darin has worked with shows on all three major networks including Antler Insanity, Just Hunt, Primal Instinct, Bloodline, Open Season, Hunting in the Sticks, Monster Outdoors and many more. The Climb is one of his new endeavors, partnering with High Oaks Hunter, a hunting accessory company and makers of the Lift Kit.