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The EdgeThe EdgeScott tries to fill his tag with his buddy Arnold for the search on some mule deer bucks. On this episode of The Ed… year ago
The EdgeThe EdgeScott tries to fill his tag with his buddy Arnold for the search on some mule deer bucks. On this episode of The Ed… year ago
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Exciting adventure continues with our hosts Steve Ecklund, Helgie Eymundson and Jeff Coyle as they gear up for more heart stopping and physically challenging hunting adventures. This year they are taking it to the next level with beautiful and captivating hunting destinations. This season is high energy, high-impact hunting television program that features rifle and archery hunts in Canada and in various parts of the world.

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Tuesdays at 3:00 PM
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Thursdays at 6:00 AM

The Edge Crew
Steve Ecklund: Born to a hunting family, Steve Ecklund grew up in the remote parts of northern Ontario, Canada and the thrill of the hunt has been a lifelong obsession since a very early age. He is a nationally recognized archer as winner of the 1999 gold medal at the Canadian national 3D Archery championships. Steve decided to focus on his hunting career at the pinnacle of his shooting talent. One of few Canadian Cabela’s ambassadors, he has earned an unparalleled reputation as a fair chase hunter. Although he is an archer at heart, he enjoys all hunting opportunities, including black power and rifle hunts. This year, Steve has realized that not only is hunting his passion, but also a motivational life saver. Recently Steve was diagnosed with cancer, treated, and now in remission. Steve was well enough to travel to Alaska in seek of a Dall’s Sheep for Season 6 of The Edge. It was in Alaska that Ecklund “slapped cancer in the face and made some great friends along the way.”

Helgie Eymundson was catapulted into fame after his “Eymundson Buck” made him a high profile Canadian hunter. For Helgie, the challenge of being one-on-one with trophy animals is a huge thrill but his motivation and love of hunting comes from his family. Raised in a hunting culture, he now has the pleasure of passing on his way of life to his children. You may have seen Helgie on “Gear Hunters,” a gear review segment that has gained the trust of Canadian viewers and successfully driven the sales of numerous top brands in the industry. Now, see what Helgie does in the eld and learn how to capture that trophy of a lifetime.

Jeff Coyle was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, and has loved the outdoors all his life. He learned to hunt upland game birds from his father, and graduated to big game hunting with great success pursing Southern Alberta whitetail. He is now obsessed with chasing big game in the Rocky Mountains. For Je , there is nothing better than climbing a peak to see what’s on the other side. As Wild TV’s Business Development Manager, he loves to meet new people,