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Everything that we do is centered on three principles: God, family, and working all year for that one Final Draw. The average American outdoorsman has little or no chance of taking a 190 inch trophy whitetail, or landing a 175 pound tarpon in their lifetime. We know that it is the preparation and persistence of the journey that makes the outdoorsman – not the trophy on the wall. The true American outdoor experience is that of the Midwesterner hunting over a neighbor’s cornfield, the guy on the East Coast letting that 3-year-old 8 pointer walk for one more year, the farmer out west picking off coyotes that have been terrorizing their herds, or the little girl in the Deep South throwing a line out for bluegill.

Final Draw is based in the Piedmont of North Carolina but hunting season takes us all over North America. Our team grew up hunting, fishing, camping, and taking advantage of all that God’s creation has to offer. We don’t always tag out, and sometimes we fall victim to bad shots or nerves, but we understand that the hunt lies in the preparation and not the product. We know what it takes to go from setting trail cameras, patterning, and planting food plots, to hanging stands, and spending hours upon hours waiting for that one perfect moment to pull that string back to your cheek and settle the pin. This is Final Draw: The American Outdoor Experience. 

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CJ Gantos
Don’t let him fool you, CJ Gantos is a killer. If it has a season, CJ will fill his tag or catch his limit before you can blink.
Carson Koury
Carson Koury and his wife, Lynsey, own and operate Buttermilk Creek Outfitters; an outdoor outfitter and bow shop with two locations in Burlington, North Carolina. When they aren’t in the deer stand they’re spending time with their little girl, Charlee.