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Ram Trucks Presents The Green Way Outdoors is a christian hunting and fishing educational reality show. Each episode takes the audience on one of our hunting or fishing trips for a specific species using a specific tactic. We walk you through each step of the trip: getting the gear you need, the hunt, conservation of the species you’re targeting, and even cooking!

Our mission is to inspire new sportsmen and women to participate in outdoor activities and purchase hunting and fishing licenses because those funds allow our Wildlife Management Departments to protect and preserve our forests, waterways, and fisheries. In our home state of Michigan, 60% of the hunting and fishing licenses are sold to white males over the age of 55, and if we don’t replace that demographic, our natural resources will pay the price. Billions of dollars are spent yearly on hunting and fishing equipment and that market is an important segment of the American economy that we cannot afford to lose.

We are setting out to right the ship and peak the interest of millennials and others so that we can help replace the hunting and fishing licenses lost. We do that by teaching them how to do it, making them laugh, and simply being millennials ourselves. Join us on that mission and tune in! 

Air Timesest
Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
Thursdays at 7:00 PM
Fridays at 1:00 AM

The Green Way Outdoors Crew
Best friends since childhood, Jeff and Kyle grew up loving the outdoors. Wanting to experience as much as they could, they tried different tactics for hunting and fishing. They learned along the way that what the expert outdoors men and women make seem easy, isn’t always. There were a lot of failed hunts and a lot of lost walking through the woods.
When Kyle started working in TV production, they decided they wanted to capture these lessons and help guide as many new hunters through this process as possible. The Green Way Outdoors was born.