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TheGreenWayOutdoorsTheGreenWayOutdoorsToday we remember the most famous #Republican of all time, #DrMartinLutherKingJr! #Freedom years ago
TheGreenWayOutdoorsTheGreenWayOutdoorsOur Canadian followers tune into @WildTV 1pm Monday, 6pm Thursday, & 10:30M Sundays EST! This week @TheGreenWayOut team is targeting geese!2 years ago
TheGreenWayOutdoorsTheGreenWayOutdoorsThe calm before the goose storm.. The Green Way Outdoors goose episode airs on @PursuitChannel at 7pm EST Monday an… years ago
TheGreenWayOutdoorsTheGreenWayOutdoorsWe are "Flagging" you down to let you know our goose episode airs at 7pm EST tonight on @PursuitChannel!… years ago
TheGreenWayOutdoorsTheGreenWayOutdoorsWe are #IceFishing again! Tip ups and #Northernpike! We brought our dads along for this episode! This is Kyle and h… years ago
TheGreenWayOutdoorsTheGreenWayOutdoorsCheck out the @BuckFeverUSA booth! #ATA2017 #Booth510 years ago
TheGreenWayOutdoorsTheGreenWayOutdoorsI didnt have time to field dress her... #deerhunting #latedoeseason years ago
TheGreenWayOutdoorsTheGreenWayOutdoorsThe Red Carpet Pics are on our Flickr! Some are better than others.... click the link below to see yours! years ago
TheGreenWayOutdoorsTheGreenWayOutdoorsMom just called bcz she saw some hate messages from anti hunters about our show. She couldn't understand why we think it is hilarious! lol2 years ago
TheGreenWayOutdoorsTheGreenWayOutdoorsVery excited to be partnering with the @PursuitChannel! We air at 7pm EST on Mondays and 7am EST on Tuesdays! Click: years ago
TheGreenWayOutdoorsTheGreenWayOutdoorsHow did everyone like the walleye episode last night on @PursuitChannel? We shared a lot of laughs and caught a to… years ago
TheGreenWayOutdoorsTheGreenWayOutdoorsThank you everyone who tuned into @TheGreenWayOut ! We air again on @PursuitChannel at 7am EST tomorrow!… years ago
TheGreenWayOutdoorsTheGreenWayOutdoorsDo you ever just feel like a little guy trapped in a big guys body? HINT: Look in the Pike's mouth. #IceFishing years ago
TheGreenWayOutdoorsTheGreenWayOutdoorsThis is what happens when you are NOT filming.. #Icefishing #pikefishing #TipUps years ago
TheGreenWayOutdoorsTheGreenWayOutdoorsWho is #IceFishing in the #Midwest? In Southern Michigan we have up to 6 inches on inland lakes. 4 inches of clear… years ago
TheGreenWayOutdoorsTheGreenWayOutdoorsIf you are on the east coast & have @Shentel cable tune into Channel 15 @ 8pm to watch @TheGreenWayOut! Tonight we… years ago
TheGreenWayOutdoorsTheGreenWayOutdoors#Canada! Tune into @WildTV 1pm EST Mon, 6pm EST Thur, & 10:30am EST Sun to see @TheGreenWayOut! This wk we will tar… years ago
TheGreenWayOutdoorsTheGreenWayOutdoorsTune into @TheGreenWayOut 2night @ 7pm EST or tomorrow @ 7am on @PursuitChannel. We are targeting walleye on… years ago
TheGreenWayOutdoorsTheGreenWayOutdoorsIn the office with Dr. Frank Patino! His diet is big influence in the cooking segment for the show! years ago

The goal of The Green Way Outdoors is to promote and protect outdoor heritage and conservation through educating, inspiring, entertaining, and simplifying outdoor activities to increase participation for both novice and experienced outdoorsmen and women while demonstrating respect and wholesome values for the blessing and beauty of the natural world.Each episode teaches you a specific tactic, for a specific species hunting or fishing. The show starts with the Conservation Corner which decriminalizes the hunt by teaching people how hunters conservation efforts make that hunting or fishing trip possible. Then comes The Green Way Gear Checklist that which details all the equipment you need for that tactic and species. After that, the 3 young hosts take you on the trip with them. After they harvest the game they say a prayer to thank God for the opportunity and show you how to cook the game in the kitchen. Every episode takes you from nature to supper! Enjoy this hilarious, informative and moral driven show on The Pursuit Channel! We started this show because over 60% of all hunting and fishing licenses in Michigan are sold to white males over the age of 55. That trend holds true throughout the United States. We know that as that age group quits buying licenses and participating in conservation organizations, it will spell doom for the natural resources in the United States. The Green Way Outdoors is setting out to right the ship and peak the interest of millennials so that we can help replace the hunting and fishing license lost. We do that by teaching them how to do it, making them laugh, and simply being Millennials ourselves. Join us on that mission and tune in! 

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Green Way Outdoors Crew
Kyle, Scott, & Jeff grew up in Southeast Michigan in a small community. They have been best friends since the age of 5 and have done just about everything together. All three guys are 27 years old. Kyle Green (The Passion) is the Executive Producer of The Green Way Outdoors and was nominated for 3 Emmys before the age of 25. He brought his skill set to his passion in 2016 when he founded The Green Way Outdoors. Scott Slater (The Encyclopedia) has spent every free moment of his life in nature. With 20 years of experience under his belt, he offers a wealth of great knowledge and insight for the audience. Jeff Hutchinson (The Novice) is the beginner of the group, so he gets to learn right along with the audience. He has a strong love for conservation of our natural resources and is the funniest guy in television!