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Honey BrakeHoney BrakePlease share and pray for our friend.
Honey BrakeHoney BrakeLong day catching ducks!
Honey BrakeHoney BrakeCheck out this week’s episode of the Fowl Life on Outdoor Channel.
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Honey BrakeHoney BrakeBird of a lifetime today. Congrats to Drew Keeth! Piebald Green-winged teal.
Honey BrakeHoney BrakeIf you or someone you know are in need of rescue, please download the Zello app, type in Texas search and rescue,...
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Directed and Produced by MOOSE Media, Honey Brake Experience is an outdoor hunting show shot on the 40,000 acre Louisiana Delta Plantation and nearby Catahoula Lake. With massive numbers of waterfowl, trophy deer, and alligators roaming Honey Brake, the Honey Brake Experience follows top dog, Drew Keeth, head guide Jared Mophett and the rest of the Guides as they bring this Louisiana sportsman’s paradise to life. With Landon White, Richard Graham, Dart Deloach, and Mark Herron

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Mondays 12:30 PM
Wednesdays at 8:30 PM
Saturdays at 8:00 PM

Drew Keeth
Catahoula Parish native Drew Keeth, General Manager and waterfowl guide for Honey Brake Outfitters has been an avid outdoorsman from an early age and grew up hunting the cypress brakes and flooded grain fields of our Sportsman’s Paradise of central Louisiana all his life. Drew worked in the boating industry for most of his life but also developed and managed several different hunting clubs and guide services in central Louisiana, including managing recreation and wildlife on Louisiana Delta Plantation. Drew’s passion for hunting is exceeded only by his off season obsession of preparing exceptional habitat for wintering waterfowl through moist soil management techniques that produce the most abundant food sources for ducks that are possible. Having been a waterfowl guide for over 18 years, Drew has developed the knowledge of everything duck…from flight patterns and habitat to decoys and dogs his hunting experiences have led to his professional ability as a top guide in Louisiana.