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The MudbuMsSo nice! Better to catch them twice!
The MudbuMsRT @CarbonTV: .@TheMudbuMs love #fishing on a rising river, but what do they do when it's pouring & camp may go underwater? See​: https://t…
The MudbuMsGot our hands on some blues this weekend!
The MudbuMs48lb Blue Cat! You've been had by the Hawg Lawg! #hawglawg #cpr #mudbum
The MudbuMsOur Boy Willy found himself a Blue last night!! 36#! #railsplitterrods #blue #mudbum
The MudbuMsGet in the game with our NEW Rail Splitter Rods! #railsplitterrods #mudbum
The MudbuMsEvery river has a name, we are trying to conquer it! #sjkgear #slumberjack
The MudbuMsThat is a dope pic man! Plus, you are a Kentucky fan! #BBN is everywhere!

Who are we? We are lifelong friends, Iowa boys and outdoor fanatics to the core – hunting, fishing,  trapping, camping, you name it. Our adventures change with the seasons, but our favorite time of year is when we’re out on the river in search of monster trophy catfish, mainly flatheads. Pulling giant catfish out of a living, breathing river is an experience like none other. It’s one of those things that makes you feel alive. I guess you could say it is also one of the things that binds The MudbuMs together.
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