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Who hasn’t dreamt about walking away from it all and living off the land in a little cabin in the woods? Trapping Inc TV series is about real trappers Sandi and Rich Mellon living, working and trapping on a registered trapline in Northern Alberta. There is no power other than their generator, winter heat comes from cords of wood they we cut each summer in preparation for the cold. Days are short in the north even when it isn’t snowing, and it snows a lot. Living off grid in the bush is a daunting task, trapping is just more work on top of the job of staying alive. Winter is real at this latitude and death comes easy to the stupid or careless. Rich and Sandi have lived their entire lives in the outdoors and raised three kids in the life.  Their registered trapline in Northern Western Alberta is 144 square miles of big timber, muskeg, mud, mosquitoes and heaven that Rich and Sandi own the exclusive rights to trap. Alberta is home to 17 fur bearers. Rich and Sandi have 14 of the species on their trapline. With trapping seasons opening October 1 and closing the next May the life of trapping is never done. Life on the trapline is never boring.

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Rich and Sandi
Rich and Sandi have been married and inseparable partners in all of life for 40 years. They have a cheerful humorous approach to life that confirms their dedication to education, conservation and concern for the management and future of trapping. Trapping IncTV peers into their days on the line as well as visiting with guests who range from the pioneers to young families teaching their children our heritage. While entertaining, the show also highlights the conservation side of the industry and the truth about the humane standards that modern trappers adhere to. Trapping is a vital and necessary conservation management tool that is much maligned by poorly educated and emotion driven people with no connection to nature and the animals.

In a world where “Reality TV” has come to mean phony staged incidents and made up drama, Trapping Inc TV sets a new gold standard for putting the “real” back in reality.